May 24 ,2019 SERIES


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May 18 ,2019

Ah, the incomparable sado(tea ceremony) world... Inviting you to the ""quiet"" world (Part 1)

Hello, dear readers. Do you know the "sado"? Sado is a kind of Japanese traditional art culture and ceremony that has inherited since ancient times. This time I want to give you a brief introduction to the etiquette of sado.

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May 17 ,2019 SERIES

Children's Day

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May 16 ,2019

Personalize the Japanese popular sushi materials

Speaking of representative food in Japan...
Sushi will certainly stand out!
We've selected the Top 3 sushi materials which is the most popular in Japan and other countries in the world, and personalize them.

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May 02 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : May - Hatsu-gatsuo, Kabuto-ni, Chimaki [ Japan Culture Project ]

One of the five seasonal festivals. Originally an unlucky day in China, due to the pair of odd numbers in its date, where irises and mugwort were used to ward off evil and venomous insects from homes.
The Edo Period saw the word for the iris "shoubu" become a homophone for "warlike spirit", so it became customary to decorate helmets, armor, warbanners and streamers with irises in hopes of success in battle. Originally meant to bring continued success of the children of samurai warriors, it has survived to this day as a boys' festival.

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Apr 20 ,2019

【Super Classic】Which one do you know? Anthropomorphic planning for souvenir【Northern Tohoku Region】

"Souvenir" is essential for travel, business trip or a long journey.There are many different specialties throughout Japan, this time is Northern Tohoku Region! We will personify and introduce the souvenirs which are very popular in the northeastern part of Japan to you.

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Apr 17 ,2019

Both delicious and learnable?! School Lunch in Japan

Most elementary schools in Japan offer students "school lunch".
This time I will summarize this "school lunch" culture for you.

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Apr 05 ,2019 SERIES

The End of a Season

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Apr 02 ,2019

Do you know this? The meaning of the colors of Sanshoku Dango

Speaking of scenery poems about spring in Japan, people will think of a kind of food called "Sanshoku Dango (Dango of three colors)". It is a kind of dango people usually have when admiring flowers (hanami). In Japan, it is a very familiar type of dango. This time MdJ will introduce to you Sanshoku Dango that can often be seen in Japanese classical anime and TV dramas!

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Mar 04 ,2019

Tried the alien fish "Odontamblyopus lacepedii" from Ariake Sea!

Hello everyone! This is Adachi from MdJ. This time I tried a kind of fish called "Odontamblyopus lacepedii", and would like to make a comment on it!

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Feb 13 ,2019

Can change your voice!? What is Harajuku's latest super dessert "Edible Balloon"!?

Since it is the absolutely new style dessert now, when I heard about the much-discussed "Edible Balloon", I went to "LE·SHINER" in Harajuku which is a popular place for Instagram posts!

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Jan 18 ,2019

Special episode:Various delicious fine tea

Green tea is one of the representative drinks in Japan.
It not only has beautiful colors and charming aroma, but also calm people down and has a good effect on health.
There are various types of tea, such as green tea in green color and Hojicha (roasted green tea) in brown color and so on, but do you know that they are all made from the same tea leaves?
In the following part, we will introduce to you some types of tea and how they are prepared that even Japanese people don't know very well.

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