Jul 06 ,2019 SERIES

[ Summer is the season for eating somen! Five fancy ways to eat somen you'd better to try this summer. ]

The summer is coming as usual, and it is the summer of the Reiwa First Year! Although the reign title has changed, yet the heat of summer never change, and the temperature is still rising. Scorching sunshine, continuous global warming, heatstroke alert, as well as Stop the Seasons in the Sun! Just in such hot summer, we should eat well so as to keep physical strength.

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Jul 05 ,2019 SERIES


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Jul 02 ,2019 SERIES

Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : July - Tanabata Noodles [ Japan Culture Project ]

One of the five seasonal festivals. It takes its beginning in a Chinese tradition, occurring as the Cowherd star crosses the Milky Way by the bridge of magpies' wings spread wide, to once a year meet the Weaver star and enjoy their brief time together.

[ Event ]
Tanabata Festival / July 7th

[ Ingredients ]
Somen (white noodles) and Summer vegetables such as cucumber

[ Wishing plate ]
Somen noodles are likened to thread in honor of Orihime, the goddess of weaving.

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Jun 28 ,2019 SERIES

The Midsummer Day of the Ox

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Jun 26 ,2019

Real Organic Matcha Cafe Shop - THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO

This time we arrived at the organic matcha specialty store "THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO" which is only a 3-minute walk from the Meiji-jingumae station♪

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Jun 25 ,2019 SERIES

Yummy Harajuku Honey Roll

This is a manga of a workshop of students of Communication University of China with Manga de Japan.

It is a six-frame cartoon on the theme of "Harajuku" that the students considered. first of all, We proud to present the second of 6 wonderful works.

Why "Harajuku”? Because Manga de Japan company is in Harajuku.
It would be great to get a different perspective from Chinese students.

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Jun 20 ,2019

Special Episode: Too wonderful for words! Charm of Japanese Sake

There are many kinds of wine in the world, such as Japanese sake, wine, beer...and the representative wine of Japan is just as its name, which is called "Japanese sake".
Japanese sake can be drunk directly, and has different drinking methods in different seasons.
Furthermore, It can also be mixed with other beverages to prepare the favorite taste for drinking and enjoyed in a variety of ways, so Japanese sake is a wonderful and fascinating alcohol in the world!

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Jun 19 ,2019

What kind of pearl milk tea do you like most?! Harajuku Pearl Milk Tea Shop MAP Introduction!

Talking about Harajuku, what do you think of?
Hamburger? Pancake? Popcorn?
Each one has its own fans,

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Jun 17 ,2019

[Super Classic] Do you know these things? Personalized Planning for Japanese Souvenir[South of Tohoku Region]

Souvenir refers to the unique things which the local area or town have. Then which important person are you missing most and buy omiyage for him?

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Jun 15 ,2019

The super legendary "Ekiben" enjoy on the train

Crashbang...crashbang...(sound of tram)

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Jun 14 ,2019 SERIES


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May 30 ,2019

Come on! Go! Really like it! The topic that make the whole Japan become its flowers!!!!! Rikishi's favorite ""Chankonabe""

Landlady "Everyone -Chankonabe is ready-! "

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