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Thrill Ride

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[ A day that is easy to forget? Celebrate Father's Day in June ]

The second Sunday of the past May is the "Mother's Day", Now, it is June, the Father's Day is coming up soon. Then do you know that the third Sunday of June in Japan is Father's Day? Besides Japan, other countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have also designated the third Sunday of June as Father's Day. In some countries, the date and origin of the Father's Day are different.

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Difference of fragrance

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Weddings in June

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Japanese Soul Food -Annual Event- : June - Seven-Herb Rice Porridge, Minazuki [ Japan Culture Project ]

In the past, ice was a precious commodity. The tradition of saving ice from the winter and presenting it to emperors and generals lead to the creation of this event. Buildings and caves in which this ice was stored were known as ice houses, or himuro.
Afterwards, any food that was cut into trapezoids and made to look like ice was called an ice house, or himuro.

[ Event ]
Himuro no Sekku / June 1st

[ Ingredients ]
Mochi, Red beans and Eggs

[ Wishing plate ]
Food and candy are made to look like ice in hopes of feeling cool and refreshed.

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Most anticipated rookie

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Family Crest

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Be careful

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Great dream

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Manager's character

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Date at dawn

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