May 08 ,2019

【Tokyo】5 nostalgic attractions~Taking Toden Arakawa Line to start off~

Do you know the trams in Tokyo?

Yes! "Toden Arakawa Line", the only tram existing in Tokyo, which has been in operation since Meiji 44th (1911), is still galloping full of energy!

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Apr 30 ,2019

Full of praise abroad! Sea of about 4.5 million nemophila【Latest in 2019】

Sea of blue flowers all over the mountains... Have you ever seen it on SNS? Actually, it is not a movie, nor CG, but the sea of flowers really exists in Ibaraki prefecture in Japan! In Hitachi Seaside Park, only from late April to mid-May every year you can see the sea of nemophila which is quite precious. Now let me introduce to you in detail!

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Apr 26 ,2019


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Apr 16 ,2019 AD

[Things to do in Tenjin, Fukuoka] From lunch to a few drinks, we will introduce three charms of Parakomatsu to you!

Parakomatsu is the No.8 shop of COMATSU, located in Tenjin Solaria Stage Specialty Mall. Now we will introduce you the unique charm of Parakomatsu among so many restaurants!

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Apr 15 ,2019 SERIES

BOW's Trip @ # 1 [ Come and worship at Meiji Jingu (Meiji Shrine), the second to none super attraction in Tokyo ]

Oliver left Osaka for Tokyo and starts a new life in Tokyo. When he left Osaka, Yuko introduced to Oliver a person and said that the person can help him in any way. Not yet familiar with Tokyo, Oliver contacted the person at once to meet him. Then who is "the person" on earth... Sightseeing series delivered by yukobow illustration, here comes the Tokyo part.

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Apr 10 ,2019 AD

[Things to do in Tenjin, Fukuoka] The first one in Taiwan! With the taste of acquiring Michelin in the land of Fukuoka・Tenjin. Let's enjoy casually in "DAISANGEN"!

Taiwanese food is very popular with Japanese women, like tapioca and soup dumplings. In the Tenjin area full of gourmet, I will introduce the Taiwanese restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of Michelin to you.

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Mar 28 ,2019 AD

[Things to do in Tenjin, Fukuoka] Watch shop with more than 60 years of history in Tenjin-- IWATA TOKEITEN

Walk from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station for three minutes and you will see the Fashion Building [Tenjin CORE]. Iwata Watch Shop is located on its B1 floor. Since 1930, Iwata Watch Shop has been operated by three generations and is dedicated to providing customers with satisfying watches. This time, I will introduce the old shop with a long history to you.

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Mar 15 ,2019 SERIES

Yuko's Trip @ OSAKA # 6 [ The charm of Osaka and Umeda Hub station ]

Spring is the season of encounter and farewell... Oliver is moving to Tokyo because of his parents' job transfer. To see off Oliver who is leaving for Tokyo, Yuko is on the way to Osaka Station. This part will be the end of the Osaka trips guided by Yuko -Yuko's Trip @OSAKA series. The article will end with a lecture on an Osaka dialect as usual!

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Mar 05 ,2019 AD

[Things to do in Tenjin, Fukuoka]The first large grocery store in Fukuoka!The first encounter with [INCUBE]-- the treasure trove.

[Being happier every day]Don't you look forward to such a large grocery store? Souvenirs of Fukuoka, presents for yourself, groceries in Japanese style are available! We would like to recommend the fun grocery store for you.

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Feb 23 ,2019

Three things to be done when going to Toyosu Market

Toyosu market was opened in October,2018. It is different from the former Tsukiji market.The following will introduce 3 things you need do when going to Toyosu market!

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Feb 21 ,2019 AD

Things to Do in Tenjin, Fukuoka Visit “Milk”, the first store in Japan to specialize in fresh cream!

Have you heard about the specialty store that sells fresh cream? It opened December 7, 2018, on floor B2 of TENJIN CORE!

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Feb 21 ,2019

A must-read for those who feel tired! Healing cute animals!

Do you like animals?
Animals are not only cute but also very healing!

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