Dec 23 ,2017

It is not only the origami ! But the origami manicure !

Next, let me introduce to you a very famous method that turns the origami to the manicure perfectly !

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Dec 04 ,2017

What kind of clothes shall we wear from December to February?

Japanese "winter" is from December to February.
Hot spring, hot pot, snowscape and illuminations, so many events in the winter!
For the people who are planning to travel around Japan in this period, I'll introduce the temperature in Tokyo, the clothes for travel and measures against the coldness to you.
It's useful to take these advice !

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Nov 29 ,2017 SERIES

The once-a-year Premium Face Powder!

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Nov 19 ,2017

How to Take Pictures That Cosplayers Will Love You For

"Cosplay" is a Japanese subculture. Many towns hold a variety of cosplay gatherings and events. You might just see some "cosplayers" while you're out sightseeing! We're here to teach you the proper etiquette for taking photos of cosplayers!

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Nov 08 ,2017 SERIES

Trendy Skin Can Be Yours with Fresh Glossy Cheek Color?!

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Oct 20 ,2017

Fashion Snap@Ikebukuro

In this Fashion Snap, we'll be making a jump from Harajuku to Ikebukuro.
Ikebukuro is known as a city of otaku girls, and we happened upon some otaku girl fashionistas who fit the bill.
Harsh fluctuations in temperature occur throughout the month of October, but what are the fashionistas of Ikebukuro doing to deal with this?

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Oct 11 ,2017 SERIES

Accentuate Your Makeup with Gradient Layers and Nose Shadowing?!

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Oct 09 ,2017

Halloween Makeup from a 100-yen Shop! For real!?

It's finally that time of year! Halloween!
There are going to be a lot of different Halloween parties happening all over Tokyo.
We're going to show you some Halloween makeup tips that are easy enough for absolute beginners!

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Oct 07 ,2017

Surgical Masks: A Newfound Fashion Trend?

While walking the cities of Japan, have you ever noticed the strange phenomena that more and more youth are wearing surgical masks?

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Sep 27 ,2017 SERIES

Beauty Drop Skin Lotion that Gives You Firm Skin?!

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Sep 20 ,2017 SERIES

A Face-Wash Revelation?!

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Sep 14 ,2017

A Super Handsome Girl!? How to Use Eye Makeup to Transform into a Man!

Cosplay is super fun, but it's no simple task to become your favorite male characters, you know? We're going to show you how to get over that hurdle and do eye makeup so you can look like a man!

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