Oct 27 ,2018

"Shiroi-katsudon" & "Kuroi-katsudon" for College Students

When the crisp chicken katsu is topped with white yam mud, then that will be the "shiroi-katsudon". So that's it, it is really white.
A dish of putting all kimchi, nori and onsen-tamago (Japanese soft-boiled egg) together! It's totally different from katsudon~ Well ~ Delicious!

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Oct 19 ,2018

You must know! "Yuzu Kosho", a super crazy seasoning born in Japan!

Do you know the Yuzu Kosho? It is a kind of Japanese seasoning made by grinded roughly chopped pepper and pomelo peel and salt.

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Oct 10 ,2018

Special Features:Kingdom of Izakaya・Japan!

There are many izakayas in Japan, and it can be said that the Japanese izakaya integrates the advantages of pub, bar and restaurant.
Through this article, let's learn about the izakaya where many people gather every day.

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Sep 12 ,2018 SERIES


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Sep 12 ,2018

Perfect match with a shichimi togarashi! What about a bowl of soft and juicy oyakodon?

Mum: Hey, everyone-! The meal is ready -

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Aug 29 ,2018

【Special Features】 Which is your favorite ramen?

Ramen is one of the popular foods in Japan and there are many ramen shops nationwide.
In this special feature we gathered information to find the ramen shop you want to visit.

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Aug 27 ,2018

The quality of the key to the deliciousness of the dishes! What is the Japanese dashi culture?

Japanese Washoku is determined by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The key to mastering the delicious Washoku is the Japanese dashi. Japan is surrounded by sea, and the culture of extracting dashi from fish and other seafood has been developed since ancient times. This time we will take a look at Japanese dashi!

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Aug 23 ,2018

Shichimi tougarashi, magic powder for delicious cuisine.

Shichimi togarashi is a Japanese seasoning made mainly of peppers and mixed with 7 kinds of spices.This time, I will introduce to you some relevant information about shichimi togarashi which is a very popular seasoning in Japan.

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Aug 18 ,2018

Can't help but want to try! Understand the knowledge about sushi that will be good for you

The sushi is eaten with chopsticks or directly by hand? What is the tsukemono on the table when eating sushi? There must be the answers for these questions in the sushi restaurant. After reading this article, there is no doubt that you will know how to enjoy sushi better from tomorrow?!~

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Aug 14 ,2018

Do You Know All the Varieties of Japanese Green Teas? Test Your Knowledge!

There are a bunch of different varieties of Japanese tea.
Can you explain the differences between all of them?
Truth be told, not even a lot of Japanese people could tell you, either.

Let's take a look at the different varieties of Japanese tea!

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Aug 13 ,2018

Ever Wanted to Eat Ramen at a Cart Like You See in Old Movies?

Ramen carts were a major part of Japanese culture in the 1950s, but you don't see them very often in present-day Japan.

But thanks to our investigation we turned up a few that were still in business! Next time you're in Japan, swing on by and give them a try!!

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Aug 09 ,2018

Want a Simple Home-Cooked Japanese Meal? Try Takikomi-Gohan!

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