Feb 13 ,2019

Can change your voice!? What is Harajuku's latest super dessert "Edible Balloon"!?

Since it is the absolutely new style dessert now, when I heard about the much-discussed "Edible Balloon", I went to "LE·SHINER" in Harajuku which is a popular place for Instagram posts!

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Jan 18 ,2019

Special episode:Various delicious fine tea

Green tea is one of the representative drinks in Japan.
It not only has beautiful colors and charming aroma, but also calm people down and has a good effect on health.
There are various types of tea, such as green tea in green color and Hojicha (roasted green tea) in brown color and so on, but do you know that they are all made from the same tea leaves?
In the following part, we will introduce to you some types of tea and how they are prepared that even Japanese people don't know very well.

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Jan 17 ,2019

Ingredients for ramen (Tonkotsu ramen/pork bone broth ramen part)

Here is tonkotsu ramen shop. Today the tonkotsu ramen is also with various ingredients on top, let's have a look briefly…

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Dec 28 ,2018 SERIES


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Dec 19 ,2018

Special episode: Winter is even a better time to have ice creams!

Do you think ice creams are something eaten only in hot summer?
In fact, there are ice creams that can be eaten in cold winter and called "winter ice creams" in general, which are quite popular in Japan in recent years.

Therefore, this time we will introduce to you four ice cream shops near Harajuku that you can have ice creams in this season.

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Dec 15 ,2018

It's season to eat delicious kaki/oyster

"Mom ""Come-on, everybody-, we'll have kakinabe (oyster hot pot) for dinner today-!""
Son A "" Wow!""
Son B ""Ugh-I hate oysters-""
Son C ""I'm so-hungry."""

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Dec 14 ,2018 SERIES


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Dec 14 ,2018

You can make an ice cream here and post nice photos on Instagram to the world! 【Eddy's Ice Cream】

With a wide variety of colorful desserts, "Harajuku" is a battlefield for nice photos on Instagram. I heard that one of the shops has an unshakable strong popularity in which you can make your own ice cream and post photos on Instagram. In that case I went to the shop called "Eddy's Ice Cream" in person!

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Dec 08 ,2018

Sweet and puckery. Persimmon, a super delicious fruit full of nutrition

"Grandpa ""Persimmons are ripe ""
Grandson ""Hmm,grandpapa, I want to eat persimmons.""
Grandpa ""OK, then let's go, persimmon is a kind of fruit full of nutrition""
Grandson ""To be specific, which kind of nutrition they have""
Grandpa ""You are still so curious about everything. But since my lovely grandson asked, grandpapa would tell you."""

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Dec 06 ,2018

On the occasion of cold winter, come to enjoy delicious "atsukan" nihonshu

Nihonshu is a kind of wine that can be tasted at different temperatures. When ordering nihonshu at izakaya, the clerk usually asks "Do you want Hiyazake, Reishu, or Atsukan?" Then which one would you order? Just it is very ~cold, so you must want to have atsukan to warm your body! Next I will tell you about such atsukan!

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Nov 23 ,2018

Onigiri Bar Shibutanien ~A wonderful balance of wine and onigiri~

Speaking of bar, the impression is generally the fashionable western style place where guests can enjoy cocktails and other drinks under dim light. Then do you know the bar where you can eat the onigiri while have a drink?

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Nov 16 ,2018

The super classic Japanese cuisine in winter! Then what types of "nabe (Japanese style hot pot)"?

"Nabe is so good~!" "Want to eat nabe!" Once in the winter, the Japanese will keep saying such words over and over. For Japanese, their hot pot cuisine are basically only need to put the ingredients into the pot to cook, but there are different tastes and types depending on the region. Next I want to tell you the Japanese "nabemono(hot pot cuisine)" that only needs simple ingredients but very profound.

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