Sep 25 ,2018

You know that at all! ? 3 reasons why Vtuber is so popular in Japan

Vtuber is short for "Virtual Youtuber", which refers to fictional characters that upload videos or broadcast live just as Youtuber.

In Vtuber, your real appearance will not be showed. CG characters that have been modified are used in videos including game broadcast, live broadcast, gig and many other forms and posted on Youtube.

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Sep 22 ,2018

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep5 〜Working in a Cafe / Maid Cafe〜

Working in a cafe is also a catering job just as working in a restaurant that introduced before, but what is the difference in the specific work duties? What is it like to work in a Japanese cafe?

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Sep 20 ,2018

Notice when going to Japan! Crowded days but not in holiday!

Actually they are the memorial days for prefecture of Japan
In such days, school will be closed, and the residents in these prefectures will get the free admission for sightseeing and amusement
Different prefectures have different memorial days, and some prefectures have no such anniversaries.

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Sep 20 ,2018

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup④ ~from Osim to Okada~(2006〜2008)

Prior to this part, I've introduced to you the Japanese National Men's Football Team in the 1990s, 2002 Korea and Japan World Cup and 2006 Germany World Cup.

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Sep 18 ,2018 SERIES

The Only Folk Performance Modeled after an Antelope! Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-

Thank you for reading Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-!
We will give you a unique topic. Especially, we'll introduce to you some information about Japanese performing arts peculiar to a locality.

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Sep 18 ,2018

Summary of Types of Japanese Student Uniforms ~Boy's Uniforms~

The summer vacation is over and the students have already prepared for the busy cultural festivals, sports festivals and quizzes.
I have introduced the girl's uniforms before, this time I will introduce you to the boy's uniform!
There are various styles of Japanese school uniforms.

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Sep 14 ,2018

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 2〜

After the introduction of First Part, now I will talk to you the Second Part of Popular Omiyage! Different from the omiyage with a slightly higher price I introduced to you last time, this time I want to introduce you the omiyage that is both easily available in convenience stores and is very popular among tourists!

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Sep 13 ,2018

Complete explanation! Japanese banknotes! Who is this? What does he do?

When you travel overseas, what impress you most must be the "banknotes" of this country.
Japanese banknotes are printed with portraits of great men in Japanese history.
Then what did they do? Let's take a look together.

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Sep 11 ,2018

Asian Games 2018 Jakarta Announcement of the Results!!

Asian Games 2018 Jakarta was held from 8/19 [sun.] to 9/25 [sun.].
About 1,514 player entered this competition from 45 asian countries.
Thefore, we will announce the results of total medal count in 63 games!

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Sep 08 ,2018

If you don't know the Choyo no Sekku, I'd like to introduce it to you!

Choyo no Sekku is an activity held on September 9th of each year. And it is listed as one of Japanese Gosekku together with Tango no Sekku on May 5th and Tanabata on July 7th.

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Sep 07 ,2018

[Super fresh!!] Which kind of fruitgari we should experience in the autumn of Japan?

Have you ever experience the "fruitgari" in Japan? In Japan, as a customary activity in autumn, fruitgari is widely favored by the people. In recent years, Japan has opened many fruitgari tourism item so that provide lots of convenience for overseas tourists! I also want to join in, but what should I do? So we provide you with some useful information here!

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Sep 04 ,2018 SERIES

An exceptional type in the Shishimai world! Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-

Thank you for reading Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-!
Do you start becoming interested in Japanese performing arts? The more you know about it, you will notice that it is a profound traditional arts. We are grad if you have a little interest. Today, let us introduce about a slightly different Shishimai.

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