Nov 29 ,2018 AD

Things to Do in Tenjin, Fukuoka Tour Fukuoka aboard an open-top bus.

Visit Fukuoka City’s top tourist spots aboard Japan’s first domestically-produced open-top double-decker buses. Enjoy the sights of Fukuoka City, the “Gateway to Asia”, or tour locales such as Tenjin, Hakata, and the waterfront.

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Nov 28 ,2018 AD

Express yourself with a box of flowers: Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design

It seems like 2018 will be over before we know it. Have you made your plans for Christmas, the big event of the season? There’re sure to be a lot of men giving presents to women, and we would like to draw their attention to Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design.

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Nov 27 ,2018

The longest in Japan!? The charm of Tenjinbashisuji Shoutengai / Tenjinbashi-shopping-street!!

Tenjinbashisuji Shoutengai is located in Osaka, Japan's oldest commercial city.
Here it is.

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Nov 22 ,2018 AD

View Hakata Bay landmarks from the water on a cruise that combines sight-seeing with fine dining.

The Mariera, Fukuoka’s only dining cruise ship, offers the chance to enjoy fine dining while viewing Hakata Bay landmarks from the water. Here’s how you can join the fun.

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Nov 20 ,2018

Special Features : Sweep away the fatigue of persistent trip! Onsen・Sento Recommendation

Because Japan is rich in volcanoes, then many famous onsen have also been produced, as well as sento, the facility similar to the onsen, exist throughout the Japan. If you come to Japan during the cold autumn and winter, in order to enjoy it better, we recommend you to take onsen bath so that to remove fatigue and stress, relax your body and mind.

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Nov 17 ,2018 SERIES

Yuko's Trip @OSAKA #2 [ Please do not dip sauce repeatedly ]

Yuko and Oliver topped the Abeno Harukas Building, from the observatory here, we found a place called "New World", and Oliver was very interested in it, so next we went to the New World. What is Osaka like when Yuko and Oliver were looking out it there? Please go on to pay attention to the Yuko's Trip @OSAKA Series guided by her, and at the end of each article, there will be a lecture on the Osaka dialect!

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Nov 12 ,2018 AD

Shop FUKUOKA DUTY FREE TENJIN and save! Travel light while you see the sights!

Food, cosmetics, watches, fashion accessories, appliances: if you’re like most tourists, there’s a ton of stuff you’ll want to buy while in Japan. And your souvenirs and other purchases have got to be duty free! Today we’ll learn about a duty-free shop in Tenjin, Fukuoka, that you’re sure to want to visit.

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Nov 02 ,2018

Can be seen just in Tokyo! 5 attractions to enjoy red leaves

It’s the season of autumn when the weather gets colder. Speaking of leisure activities in autumn, most people may think of "enjoying red leaves". But it seems that in a city with sparse greens you can hardly enjoy the beauty of the red leaves...

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Oct 29 ,2018

Fall Leaves and Japanese Maple Trees! When's the Best Time to Visit in 2018?

Autumn is a season of red leaves.
Did you know there's only a relative few countries in the world where you can see red leaves in autumn?
They can only be seen in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere.
Of the few places where one can properly experience autumn, Japan is known to have some of the most varied and beautiful colors.
We're going to let you know the best time this year to visit so you can see them.

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Oct 26 ,2018

cocktail inspired by characters you like!?CafeBarKirin~part2~

How do you like it? A Bar with a new feeling where you can get character inspired cocktail and enjoy cosplay as well! Customers here come from different countries! Although the bar staffs speak Japanese only, would you like to infuse your love for the character into the cocktail?

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Oct 26 ,2018 AD

Dine in style on a waterfront terrace at “bills” Fukuoka, loved by gourmands everywhere!

Tenjin, in the heart of Fukuoka: about a nine-minute walk from Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station is Suijō Park, where the locals like to rest and relax. The park is home to a restaurant facility called “SHIP’S GARDEN”, which is where you’ll find “bills” Fukuoka, an all-day casual-dining restaurant. Let’s take a look at “bills” sole location in the Kyūshū region.

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Oct 24 ,2018

A place where you can have cocktail inspired by characters you like!?A new feeling! CafeBarKirin

They can also make cocktail inspired by memories you have with your vocal or actor friends.

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