Sep 06 ,2018

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!? ~Part.2~

In addition to those I introduced last time, there are many Japanese patterns that are often used in daily life. Then I'd like to introduce to you the good sense represented by these Japanese patterns!

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Sep 03 ,2018 SERIES

[ Japanese National Holiday in Autumn ]

Japan is a big country for holiday, only in June there is no government-specified holiday, and there are holidays which are called "national holiday" in the rest of months.

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Aug 02 ,2018

Bonsai is More Than Just Those Little Trees

Do you know about "bonsai"?
Just like Japanese garden, right? If you think so, it may be not correct.
You may know about it, but I think you do not understand what it does mean on earth. So this time I'd like to deeply introduce to you the relative knowledge about bonsai.

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Aug 01 ,2018 SERIES

[ Meet the Ancestors ]

Speaking of the traditional Japanese festivals in August, people must think about the "O-Bon". O-Bon is a festival of tomb-sweeping and mukaebi-lighting to thank the gods and ancestors. The O-Bon is usually held around August 13~16 (varied from place to place), during this period, many companies will stop working, and people will return home to sweep the tombs, meet their relatives and offer ancestors. This time I'd like to introduce to you the methods of Japanese offering ancestors during O-Bon.

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Jul 03 ,2018 SERIES

[ Enjoy Tanabata Night ]

When talking about the activities in July, it must be the "Tanabata" on July 7th.
Prior to this, I have been introducing to you many ritual activities of Japan in different seasons which are originated from Chinese Culture, and, the Tanabata is also came from China. July 7th is one of gosekku too, this time I'd like to introduce to you the Japan’s Tanabata.

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Jun 12 ,2018

The much to be longed for wafu wedding. Get married at the jinja!

Affected by overseas customs, more and more Japanese people yearn for a wedding in June. Have you find such a scene at the jinja (shrine) when you came to Japan?

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May 01 ,2018 SERIES

[ Let's Celebrate Tango no Sekku ]

In Japan, the "Tango no Sekku" is held on May 5th to celebrate the boys' healthy and strong growth. I have introduced to you the "Momonosekku" in the article of March which is the festival to pray for girls'healthy growth and getting happiness, so the "Tango no Sekku" can be called its boy version, and the Japanese "Kodomonohi" on May 5th is declared as national holiday. This time, I will introduce to you the boys' festival, the Tango no Sekku. Tango no Sekku is one the five annual ceremonies that were traditionally held at the Japanese imperial court called Gosekku, and is valued as a festival of eliminating evil and misfortune.

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Mar 01 ,2018 SERIES

[ Celebrate the Momonosekku ]

The "Momonosekku" is a spring festival that shall be celebrated on March 3. This festival is also known as the "Hinamatsuri", on this day, people will take some traditional activities such as dressing up dolls or eating special cuisine of Momonosekku to pray for girls'healthy growth and getting happiness. This time, I will introduce to you this "Hinamatsuri".

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Sep 12 ,2017

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!?

Traditional Japanese designs, or Wagara, are a type of pattern peculiar to Japan.
The most well known of these take a single design and create patterns by placing the design systematically on fabric.
They're mostly used for kimono, packaging, and other goods and sundries, but not only are they ultra cute -- they also have proper significance!

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Jul 22 ,2017

Yukata vs Kimono vs Hakama

In Japan, there are a variety of traditional clothing such as yukata, kimono, and hakama. And each are used differently depending on their intended use. Are you picking the right one for the right occasion?

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Jun 24 ,2017

Experience a Japanese Futon in a Tatami Room!

A visit to Japan wouldn't be complete without staying in a Japanese ryokan hotel featuring a tatami room and hot spring!

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