Aug 09 ,2018

Want a Simple Home-Cooked Japanese Meal? Try Takikomi-Gohan!

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Aug 03 ,2018

Special Features: Instructions for enjoying the summer of Japan!

This article introduces articles of Manga de Japan that will help to make the summer of Japan fun and comfortable.

● Food edition
Three kinds of Manga de Japan editing department Recommended ice cream.

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Jul 31 ,2018

Thoroughly analyze the charm of the favorite salad chicken of the Japanese Office Lady!

At present, there is a kind of food called "salad chicken" attracts a lot of enthusias among the Japanese OL and housewives. Then "salad chicken" is salad? A dish name? Or a kind of bird? I believe many people have doubts about this. In fact, it is a kind of chicken for body slimming which is now sold everywhere in convenience stores and supermarkets! So what are the benefits of salad chicken? Our MDJ also investigated it.

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Jul 30 ,2018

Have You Been Making Japanese Tea the Wrong Way?

Do you know how to prepare Japanese tea to make it taste its best?
If you consider the hot water temperature and get creative, you can enjoy the taste and aroma of great tasting tea.

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Jul 27 ,2018

Taste the ancient capital of Kyoto! "ROCCA & FRIENDS TRUCK",good-looking and delicious drinks.

The sidewalk cafe of "ROCCA & FRIENDS TRUCK" is is approximately half-way between the Yasaka Jinja and Kiyomizu Temple, which are the Kyoto's representative tourist attractions.

In addition to the Japanese tea and coffee, you can also taste the original drinks with the theme of “Kyoto Style”! This time I've personally been to this keynote shop that has aroused wide public concern.

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Jul 26 ,2018

Basic Seasonings from DAISO JAPAN Creating Taste Sensations?

Japanese basic table seasonings,
needless to say such basic models, but DAISO JAPAN actually has provided the taste surprising the Japanese themselves!!!

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Jul 25 ,2018

Enjoy the coriander!“PHAKCHI BAR·GOLDEN BURNING”in Shibuya

Coriander, which is very popular in Thai and Vietnamese food, is also emerging in the Japanese cuisine! This time I have been to the "PHAKCHI BAR·GOLDEN BURNING", a shop can eat Japanese dishes of coriander in Tokyo!

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Jul 19 ,2018

Having Trouble Deciding on What Tuna to Eat Tonight?

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Jul 14 ,2018

Craving Delicious Japanese Cuisine? We've Got You Covered!

There is a Japanese-style and distinctive shop in Harajuku.
We can have a nihonshoku in this shop?!
Yeah, this time I will introduce to you the Tsurukamerou Harajuku!

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Jul 06 ,2018

Fantastic rainbow cuisine! Harajuku “LE SHINER”

Almost all the Japanese lovely elements are gathered in Harajuku, including colorful accessories, western clothes, beautiful makeup, plush toys, and food...yes, LE SHINER, the birthplace of rainbow cuisine which is famous for its assemblage of colors, is just located in Takeshita Dori,Harajuku!

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Jun 16 ,2018

Art of Japanese Sweets! Namagashi

On June 16 this year, it will be the "Wagashi Day"! Among the various of wagashi, "namagashi" is known as the art of food. This "namagashi" is inviting you into its world.

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Jun 09 ,2018

Wagyu Map

Do you like to eat yakiniku, shabu-shabu and steak? The best and highest quality beef is listed as A5. Among the beef of A5 grade, Japanese wagyu has won worldwide acclaim.

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