Oct 17 ,2018

All these things can be bought by 100 yen! Mountains of treasures in Japanese 100 Yen Shop.

In Japan, the stores known as "100 Yen Shop(hyaku en shoppu)" are spread all over the country. As its name suggests, the price of goods in such stores are all 100 yen.

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Oct 15 ,2018 SERIES

YUKO's Trip @OSAKA #1 [ To the world of the sky 300 meters ]

[ introduction ]
One day, American Brauns came to Yuko's family. Yuko asked mother whom they are, mum replied that he is a friend in their college days.
Mum told Yuko they would live in Japan in the future due to his working relationship with dad.
Besides Mr and Mrs Braun, Oliver, in the second year of middle school,Amelia, in grade three and Mary, who is still young, were also their family members.

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Oct 13 ,2018

The Harajuku lockers are in these places! Locker MAP@Harajuku for visitors

The number of lockers installed at the Meijiijinguumae Station is the most in the entire Harajuku area.

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Oct 09 ,2018

Five beautiful scenery of Mt.Fuji

Mt.Fuji is a representative mountain in Japan. Countless visitors come to Japan to enjoy the beauty of Mt.Fuji. Then, do you know the following "○○ Fuji" in Japan?

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Oct 04 ,2018

Japanese style! Preparation for the complete enjoyment of Shibuya Halloween!

In recent years, the Halloween activities in Japan have been extremely lively and received heavy attention. From the end of August, when is still burning hot, to the eve of Halloween on October 31, many grocery stores in Harajuku begin selling Halloween-related items. Japanese Halloween has a unique style of Japan, especially in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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Sep 29 ,2018 AD

A single Truffle -Making Chocolate Memories for Children and Parents-

[Recommendation from Tenjin, Fukuoka]

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Sep 27 ,2018

Foodie girls' dearest! Harajuku rotary dessert & coffee house of "Cafe RonRon"

Now, there is a high-profile coffee house at Harajuku, Tokyo, where the birthplace of many popular women's culture. That is, the "MAISON ABLE Cafe Ron Ron",which opened in July 2018. Although it has been opened for two months, yet the girls and foreign tourists still come in a continuous stream. This time, I've personally gone to experience this hot Cafe RonRon!

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Sep 17 ,2018

7000 free roasted sanma?Deserves to queue up for 3 hours? Field report on Meguro-no-sanma-matsuri!

In September, when the summer is not over, people held a hot event in front of Meguro Station in Tokyo, that is "Meguro-no-sanma-matsuri"!
Here, I'd like to share with you the activities held on September 9th a few days ago!

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Sep 05 ,2018

120% refreshed feeling! Shimanami Kaido Bicycle Touring

"Shimanami Kaido"is known as the sacred place for bicycle lovers all over the world, which is a 70km lane connects Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture and Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, people can enjoy the round-the-island tour by bicycles.

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Aug 28 ,2018

This is really amazing...! Angel's Tear Drop can be tasted? ! Mikan Club!

Just come back from a taste of the mysterious Japanese style desserts that are only available at "Mikan Club" in Urasando Garden!

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Aug 24 ,2018

Ah, you only know Takeshita Street? Five "streets" you must know at Harajuku.

When go sightseeing in Tokyo, everyone wants to go to "Harajuku", but whether you think that after wandering at Takeshita Street, you have already learned all the Harajuku? In fact, there are other "streets" at Harajuku that crowded with people! If you can visit all these places, you can say you've definitely tasted all aspects of Harajuku♪

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Aug 23 ,2018

Hotter than Africa ?! Ranking for 2018 Japan's Hot Area!

The global anomalous weather in this year has been going on, and now, Japan is really very,very hot! From 1875 to the present, in July this year, the highest temperature was recorded in the Japanese domestic temperature observation history! In such a hot Japan, we picked up some areas that are particularly hot. Next I want to introduce to you the tourist attraction in these areas.

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