Aug 13 ,2018

Ever Wanted to Eat Ramen at a Cart Like You See in Old Movies?

Ramen carts were a major part of Japanese culture in the 1950s, but you don't see them very often in present-day Japan.

But thanks to our investigation we turned up a few that were still in business! Next time you're in Japan, swing on by and give them a try!!

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Aug 10 ,2018

Beware! A crazy originated from Japan - "kimodameshi"

A campsite

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Aug 08 ,2018

Manga Design Exhibition in Singapore!

Manga design exhibition in Singapore is started on July 21 in Japan Creative Centre.

We use manga design in the showpiece of manga design exhibition.

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Aug 07 ,2018 SERIES

The Plaintive Dance Feeling Nostalgic for the Deceased Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-

Thank you for reading Japan Culture Project -Shishimai Series-!
Do you start becoming interested in Japanese performing arts? The more you know about it, you will notice that it is a profound traditional arts. We are grad if you have a little interest.
Today, let us introduce about Hakajishi of Same-Kagura.

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Aug 06 ,2018

Understand Japanese Atomic Bomb Memorial Awareness Day (8/6), pray together and protect peace!

It is a memorial day on August 6th for Hiroshima, the world's first city bombed by atomic bomb.

On August 6th of each year, people will hold a peace memorial ceremony at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, it is a day that all Japanese can't forget.

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Aug 03 ,2018

Special Features: Instructions for enjoying the summer of Japan!

This article introduces articles of Manga de Japan that will help to make the summer of Japan fun and comfortable.

● Food edition
Three kinds of Manga de Japan editing department Recommended ice cream.

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Aug 02 ,2018

Visiting Japan and Need to Know How to Stay Connected?

An internet connection is a necessity for traveling abroad!
What do you use to connect to the internet?
Let's take a look at the main 3 methods.

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Aug 01 ,2018 SERIES

Sprinkling Water

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Jul 31 ,2018

Kabuki for Beginners. A Simple Breakdown of an Intricate Art!

Japan is synonymous with Kabuki!
Have you ever heard the word "Kabuki", but didn't know what it meant?
Well, this column is for you, then!

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Jul 30 ,2018

Have You Been Making Japanese Tea the Wrong Way?

Do you know how to prepare Japanese tea to make it taste its best?
If you consider the hot water temperature and get creative, you can enjoy the taste and aroma of great tasting tea.

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Jul 27 ,2018

Old Needles in Tofu...? That's a KUYOU Offering!

Do you know the "Kuyou"? "Kuyou" is a Buddhism term, which means praying to gods or souls of deceased person in the manner of offering flowers or other offerings. In fact, in addition to bring offerings to the deceased person, the "object" may also be worshiped in some shrines and temples. As for such offering, I've tried to sort out two kinds of conspicuous offering activities during this period.

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Jul 26 ,2018

Japanese Kaidan——Mimi-nashi Hoichi

Once upon a time, in a temple, there was a blind minstrel named "Hoichi", he was particularly good at performing the Tale of the Heike with biwa.

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