Sep 09 ,2017

A Japanese Romance: Moon-Gazing on the 15th!

The 15th day in the 8th month of the lunar calendar (between mid-September and mid-October of the modern calendar) is called the 15th Night (Juugoya) in Japanese, and is said to have the most beautiful full moon of the year. It is well-known as a great time to enjoy some moon-watching.

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Sep 08 ,2017

Foreign Visitors Speak out About Strange Japanese Customs!

Japan is surrounded by water. This makes it possible for unique customs to develop. ""Why's everyone doing this?"" ""We don't do this back in my country!""
We're going to show you some customs and habits of Japanese people that foreigners visiting Japan found kind of strange.

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Sep 07 ,2017

The Oldest Amusement Park in Japan! We Gave the Asakusa Hanayashiki a Whirl!

Amusement parks were the best when we were little!
The oldest park in Japan is located in Asakusa.
It's called the Asakusa Hanayashiki, or Flower Garden.
It's a little ways
from Asakusa Station beyond Sensoji Temple.

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Sep 05 ,2017

5 Popular Deep-Sea Fish in Japan with Faces That Frighten Monsters!

A deep-sea fish is one that lives 200m below the surface of the ocean. Most have evolved peculiar looks in order to protect themselves from the extreme water pressures at that depth. These creepy deep-sea critters are extremely popular in Japan lately, despite their looks! Here, we'll present some of the more popular spooky deep-sea fish with some nice illustrations!

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Aug 31 ,2017

The Definitive High-Tech Feature: The Karaoke Voice Changer!

Are you tired of just plain, old karaoke singing?
Well, then we recommend the latest feature at karaoke--the "voice changer"!
This fantastic feature can alter your voice to accompany a variety of songs.

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Aug 29 ,2017

PRAIBIE like be misehievous

“PRAIBIE AND GIRL” is a serialization commemorating the 5000 followers of facebook!!

The second episode is going to be released on September 1.
please expect to have fun and wait!!

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Aug 27 ,2017

The Heart of the Serpent-Loving Maiden

Have you ever wanted to play with a snake, but didn't have the means or opportunity to do so? Well, now a snake-loving maiden such as yourself can do so at a Snake Center!

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Aug 26 ,2017

The Reason Behind the Custom of Sprinkling Water on the Road in Japan

What's this? An old lady is sprinkling water in front of her house on a hot day.
What in the world is she doing?
Let's see if she'll tell us!

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Aug 24 ,2017

Now You Can Be a Ninja Too! Hands-On with the Shinjuku Ninja Trick House

Ninja refers to a group possessing special abilities who were active behind the scenes of Japanese history approximately 500 years ago.

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Aug 20 ,2017

Japan's Largest! One Week Left Until C3AFA TOKYO!

Japan's largest interactive character and hobby culture entertainment event, C3AFA TOKYO, will be held next week on Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27 at Makuhari Messe! What does this event entail?! Let's take a peek into the future!

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Aug 19 ,2017

Do You Know the Difference Between Temples and Shrines?

Classic places that emanate Japanese culture--temples and shrines. While the ambience at both of these spots is relatively similar, did you know that their buildings are completely different? Knowing the differences should make your travels that much more fun!

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Aug 15 ,2017

See, Hear, and Feel! Enjoy Summer in Cool Kyoto!

Hello everyone! Have you ever been to Kyoto in the summer? Although Kyoto is strongly associated with autumn, Kyoto in summer is also highly recommended! Here, we will tell you some spots to help you beat the summer heat.

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