Aug 13 ,2017

How Nostalgic! Dagashi Recommended by Japanese!

"So, what are ""dagashi""?
As opposed to expensive sweets, dagashi are cheap candies geared towards children.
Here, we'll show you several popular items."

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Aug 12 ,2017

Not Your Typical Bon Festival or Awa Dance! What's the Classical Festival Dance "Yosakoi"?!

Have any of you, our esteemed readers, ever heard of Yasakoi? It's a traditional dance that is very unique to Japan. It has more intensity than a Bon festival dance, and is more dynamic than an Awa-odori dance. Here, we'd like to tell you a bit about this dance.

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Aug 08 ,2017

Simply Amazing! Living Comfortably Alone in a 10 Square Meter Space!

"A room with 10 square meters of space is the norm when living alone in a city in Japan.
However, a room of 10 square meters is way too cramped!
How in the world are people able to live in such spaces?!"

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Aug 07 ,2017

Best wishes for the hot season !

Sweltering heat continues in Japan.
There is a custom to give a hot summer greeting in summer.
This is a greeting from us!

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Aug 06 ,2017

In Japan, Rice is Life!

This may sound like it's coming out of left field, but are you familiar with the phrase, "Rice is the life of Japanese people"? Indeed, while rice is a common diet staple throughout Asia, it is especially crucial to the Japanese populace. Here, we will show you some ways to eat it that are uniquely Japanese.

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Aug 05 ,2017

A Wonderland Inside a Monster! Enjoy a Fantastic Experience in the Kawaii Monster Cafe!

You might hear the word "kawaii" around you a lot more lately, and there's a cafe of dreams just chock-full of this kawaii ("cute"). The Kawaii Monster Cafe can be found in Harajuku, Tokyo! We're nearby, so let's sneak a peek!

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Aug 01 ,2017

People from Kanto and Kansai are Different!

"When you think of major cities in Japan, there's Tokyo to the East, and Osaka and Kyoto to the west. Naturally, people of different cultural values and dispositions go hand-in-hand with different places.

Here, we'll cover the differences between residents of eastern and western Japan."

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Jul 30 ,2017

How to Draw the Ever-Changing Facial Expressions in Manga

In Japanese manga, characters convey emotion through their eyes. Let's have a look at how much eyes can change!

  • Popular & Series
Jul 29 ,2017

So Cute, You'll Give a Hoot! Presenting the Owl Cafe!

Have you ever seen an owl up close, or petted one before? Well, at the owl cafe that's exactly what you can do!

  • Food & Sweets
Jul 27 ,2017

Now You've Got It! How to Read Manga! 4-Panel Manga Edition

"Ahh, the wonder that is ""Japanese Manga"".
But did you know that there's a method hidden within a manga's narrative?
First, let's see what we learn from a basic 4-panel manga!"

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Jul 25 ,2017

Things that Often Happen in the Summer

"Summer is now in full swing at last!
In Japan, a variety of seasonal summer traditions such as festivals, the ocean, fireworks, and so forth come to mind. Here, we will tell you some things that commonly happen in summer."

  • Japan Trend
Jul 23 ,2017

A Country of Twins? A Culture of Coordinating Like Twins

"Recently, there's been something strange happening around Mr. Yamada as he commutes to work in downtown Tokyo.

Let's follow a typical day of his..."

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