Jul 20 ,2017

A History of 1,100 Years! Let's Go to Kyoto's Gion Festival for Summer in Japan!

In Japan, it just wouldn't be summer without festivals, and while the month of July has many, the most famous and biggest is Kyoto's Gion Festival which boasts a history of over 1,100 years!

  • Japan Trend
Jul 15 ,2017

Harajuku Now! Street Corner Snap!②

It's now July, and fashionistas in Tokyo's Harajuku are now wearing their finest summer garb. But what kind of fashion lets you still look hot, yet not leave you sizzling under the sun? For that, we recommend something still popular even this year―the long cardigan!

  • Fashion & Makeup
Jul 13 ,2017

Aspire to be 2D! The Trick to Big Eye Makeup!

Japan is synonymous with anime, manga, video games, and of course, cosplay! Cosplay events are all the rage in Japan, so there are naturally many would-be cosplayers willing to join in on the fun. Today, we'll tell you the makeup technique for large eyes

  • Fashion & Makeup
Jul 06 ,2017

There's More Than One Way to Bow! How to Bow So Japanese Will Compliment You!

Upon visiting Japan, you'll find townspeople lowering their heads to each other. This is called "Ojigi" (bowing). But what significance does bowing have? And when should you do it?

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Jul 02 ,2017

Available for a Limited Time! Fresh, Juicy Whitebait Rice Bowls!

The seasonal dish in Japan right now is a fresh whitebait rice bowl.

  • Food & Sweets
Jul 01 ,2017

Harajuku Now! Street Corner Snap!①

Harajuku comes to mind as a district within Tokyo that bursts with pastel colors and exuberance!

  • Fashion & Makeup
Jun 30 ,2017

Cuteness that just won't stop! What's the perfect social media photo spot in Harajuku?

The St. Valentine Church--the much-talked-about photo spot in Harajuku.

  • Spot & Travel
Jun 29 ,2017

I Test It out Myself! Using a Self-Portrait for My Summer Makeup!

Have you ever wanted a fresh new face for the summer? Or wondered what the current hottest makeup trend in Japan is?

  • Fashion & Makeup
Jun 28 ,2017

Dive Into a Virtual World! A Hands-On VR Report in Tokyo

While VR (Virtual Reality) is starting to gain popularity in Japan, I'm sure there's bound to be many of you who have yet to try it out.

  • Technology & Science
Jun 26 ,2017

The Special Hot Spot for Japanese Cat Lovers

Japanese anime and manga characters are acclaimed around the world, but did you notice the large amount of cat characters?

  • Spot & Travel
Jun 25 ,2017

What's Your Preference? How to Categorize Japanese Guys with Condiments

A face featuring small eyes and a flat face and nose is what usually comes to mind when you think of the average Japanese person.

  • Japan Trend
Jun 23 ,2017

Personalize Your Wish at a Shrine--Offer an Ema Tablet!

Japanese shrines have a mystical corner with tens and hundreds of hanging boards.

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