Aug 23 ,2018

Hotter than Africa ?! Ranking for 2018 Japan's Hot Area!

The global anomalous weather in this year has been going on, and now, Japan is really very,very hot! From 1875 to the present, in July this year, the highest temperature was recorded in the Japanese domestic temperature observation history! In such a hot Japan, we picked up some areas that are particularly hot. Next I want to introduce to you the tourist attraction in these areas.

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Aug 17 ,2018

To enjoy the pleasure of visiting matsuri! Introduction of 17 kinds of activities, the yatai.

Matsuri is a beautiful landscape poem in the summer of Japan.
Every week, there are various of matsuri held throughout the Japan.
Because it is a period of frequent occurrence of illness and disaster from baiu to summer, people will carry the Omikoshi to drive away the evil spirits, this is the origin of the Japanese matsuri.

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Jul 31 ,2018

Thoroughly analyze the charm of the favorite salad chicken of the Japanese Office Lady!

At present, there is a kind of food called "salad chicken" attracts a lot of enthusias among the Japanese OL and housewives. Then "salad chicken" is salad? A dish name? Or a kind of bird? I believe many people have doubts about this. In fact, it is a kind of chicken for body slimming which is now sold everywhere in convenience stores and supermarkets! So what are the benefits of salad chicken? Our MDJ also investigated it.

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Jul 24 ,2018

There are many ways to express "I (First Person)"in Japanese amine and comics! ~Ore,Boku,Watashi~

In everyday speech, people use the First Person to call himself or the Second Person to call the other person. For example, in English, people only need to use the single expression such as "I" and "You". But do you know that there are a lot of expression for the First Person in Japanese? Then, here, we take anime and comics as the example to introduce to you the varied "I" that can not be expressed in English.

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Jul 05 ,2018

Wearing long sleeves in summer?! Japanese women's strange costumes in summer are all to prevent 〇〇!

Japan has four distinct seasons, and "summer" is undoubtedly the hottest season.
From July to August, the temperature of Tokyo will continue to exceed 30°C (86°F) for many days. In this sultry weather, the Japanese, especially the Japanese women, are in the strange costume. Then why? This time I will tell you about that.

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Jun 22 ,2018

In fact, these are all the Japan's 10 inventions!

Japan is a technological power. Not only cars and robots, many things around us are invented by Japan. Some even the Japanese themselves do not know?! Here to introduce something Japan invented.

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Jun 14 ,2018

Full of adult's charm! Let's take a walk at the extremely popular Ueno!

Ueno is one of the more popular attractions in the Taito, Tokyo. Speaking of Ueno, everyone will think of its representative tourist attraction, Ueno Zoo, which is famous for panda, but there is not only panda here! There are also many places where the adults may like very much! This time let's learn more about Ueno.

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Jun 07 ,2018

Sweep away the blue of rainy day! Making method of Teruterubouzu

Every June is the "tsuyu" season in which the weather is cloudy and rainy. The grey rainy day may let people feel miserable...but once upon a time Japan has had a magical custom that can make the next day clear up! Today I'd like to introduce this custom to you.

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May 10 ,2018

Japan's Best Seasoning Series!

In 2013, "washoku (Japanese traditional food culture)" was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The winning express of gentle and healthy Japanese cuisine is based on the use of unique Japanese seasonings!
Seasonings can be easily purchased in places like convenience stores or supermarkets, and they are the must-have item for Japanese families! This time I will introduce some of Japan's best seasonings to you.

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May 08 ,2018

Let's take a look at the latest Japanese Mother's Day gift!

In Japan, shortly after the May Day Golden Week, it will be the "Mother's Day".
Just like the United States and Australia, Japanese Mother’s Day is also on the second Sunday in May of every year, so the 2018 Mother’s Day in Japan will be on May 13.
Then let's take a look at the gifts for Japanese Mother's Day.

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Apr 24 ,2018

Need-To-Know for Ramen Fancier! How to buy meal coupons?

Ramen is Japan's national food, and has the same high popularity with sushi and tempura!
There are many ramen restaurants throughout the Japan so that you can enjoy delicious ramen anywhere. But for foreigners, it is still a bit difficult to eat authentic ramen...!

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Apr 06 ,2018

Powerful backup for fans! What does "Live Viewing" mean?

Japanese live concert, stage performance, 2.5-modality Musical, sports event you want to watch such activities? However, some people may hesitate because they can not buy tickets, or they are far away from the venue, or they are not so brave, or other reasons...For such people, I recommend them to watch "Live Viewing"! Then what does Live Viewing mean? How to watch it? So, this time I will introduce to you the LV!

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