Feb 19 ,2019

[Experience Report] I had a try of Edo Kiriko earnestly!

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Jan 19 ,2019

Seven famous places for enjoying plum blossoms in Kanto

It is in February when enjoy plum blossoms. Since ancient times, plum blossoms has been regarded as elegant thing together with pine trees and bamboos for its bursting into bloom in cold winter, and loved by people.

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Jan 05 ,2019

[Female Article] Uses of kimono obi on different occasions ~part I~

Last time, I introduced to you to the types of women kimonos and which kind of kimonos should be worn on different occasions, so I think you must have some understanding of that. For those who haven't read the last article, you can start with the article below↓

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Dec 27 ,2018

【Male Article】Type and Difference of Kimono

Last time we introduced to you the type of women kimonos, then this time will be the Male Article.

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Dec 20 ,2018

What do people do in Japan on the winter solstice?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the day when the sun is at its lowest elevation and with the shortest daylight hours of the year is called the "winter solstice". In that case, today, December 22, is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere this year.

I think in different countries people might have different ways to spend the "winter solstice". So what will people do in Japan on this day?

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Nov 30 ,2018

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!? ~Part.3~

This time in the third part we would like to introduce to you the traditional Japanese patterns with the motif of creatures (plants, flowers, animals and insects) and their symbolism.

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Nov 23 ,2018

Onigiri Bar Shibutanien ~A wonderful balance of wine and onigiri~

Speaking of bar, the impression is generally the fashionable western style place where guests can enjoy cocktails and other drinks under dim light. Then do you know the bar where you can eat the onigiri while have a drink?

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Nov 09 ,2018

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 3〜

After the 2nd part, here comes part 3 of popular omiyage/souvenir! This time we will introduce to you some omiyage/souvenir snacks that can be easily bought on the street and are quite popular among tourists!

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Oct 27 ,2018

"Shiroi-katsudon" & "Kuroi-katsudon" for College Students

When the crisp chicken katsu is topped with white yam mud, then that will be the "shiroi-katsudon". So that's it, it is really white.
A dish of putting all kimchi, nori and onsen-tamago (Japanese soft-boiled egg) together! It's totally different from katsudon~ Well ~ Delicious!

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Oct 23 ,2018

【Female Article】Type and Difference of Kimono

Kimono is not only good-looking, it is also a clothing that attaches great importance to "kaku" (rank). For this reason, depending on the occasion, the kimono shall be divided into a high rank dress and fashion dress worn in daily life. This detailed distinction in use gives a different meaning to the kimono.

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Oct 09 ,2018

Five beautiful scenery of Mt.Fuji

Mt.Fuji is a representative mountain in Japan. Countless visitors come to Japan to enjoy the beauty of Mt.Fuji. Then, do you know the following "○○ Fuji" in Japan?

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Sep 22 ,2018

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep5 〜Working in a Cafe / Maid Cafe〜

Working in a cafe is also a catering job just as working in a restaurant that introduced before, but what is the difference in the specific work duties? What is it like to work in a Japanese cafe?

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