Apr 18 ,2019

Dosukoi ! Let me introduce to you the strong "Rikishi" of Sumo, the Japanese national sport!

Do you know "sumo"?

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Apr 04 ,2019

Not common in foreign countries!? The friendly "give out tissue" service in Japan

John: "Hey, Hikari! What is that person giving out?"

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Mar 20 ,2019

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup⑩ 2018(PartIII:End of Nishino Japan)

In April 2018, when just 2 months before world cup, Vahid Halilhodzic was dismissed by JFA for his poor run of results. The Japanese National Team, which had been falling into disorder, was in expectation of making themselves alive from dying, so, Nishino Akira, who had been coaching Gamba Osaka, a big club in J. League, was selected as the head coach of Japanese Team.

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Mar 04 ,2019

Tried the alien fish "Odontamblyopus lacepedii" from Ariake Sea!

Hello everyone! This is Adachi from MdJ. This time I tried a kind of fish called "Odontamblyopus lacepedii", and would like to make a comment on it!

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Feb 09 ,2019

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup⑨ 2015~2018 (Part II: Start of Halilhodzic Japan)

After the 2015 Asian Cup, head coach Javier Aguirre quit halfway. The Japanese National Men's Soccer Team was in disarray, and the newly inaugurated head coach was Vahid Halilhodzic, the famous coach who once led Algeria to the final 16 in the FIFA World Cup Brazil.

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Jan 26 ,2019

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup ⑧ 2014~2015(Part I:Start of Aguirre Japan)

In 2014 Brazil World Cup, Japan got a dismal denouement with 0 win, 1 draw and 2 defeats, which made the nationals disappoint. After the World Cup, Zaccheroni stepped down and Javier Aguirre was engaged as the new head coach of the Japanese National Soccer Team.

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Jan 17 ,2019

Ingredients for ramen (Tonkotsu ramen/pork bone broth ramen part)

Here is tonkotsu ramen shop. Today the tonkotsu ramen is also with various ingredients on top, let's have a look briefly…

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Jan 09 ,2019

Panda—Symbol of Japan-China Friendship

"Child ""Ah, panda-!"
Mother"So cute, this panda comes from China."

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Dec 21 ,2018

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup ⑦ 2012~2014 (Part two)

Last time we introduced to you the journey of Zac Japan from 2010 to 2012.

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Dec 15 ,2018

It's season to eat delicious kaki/oyster

"Mom ""Come-on, everybody-, we'll have kakinabe (oyster hot pot) for dinner today-!""
Son A "" Wow!""
Son B ""Ugh-I hate oysters-""
Son C ""I'm so-hungry."""

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Dec 08 ,2018

Sweet and puckery. Persimmon, a super delicious fruit full of nutrition

"Grandpa ""Persimmons are ripe ""
Grandson ""Hmm,grandpapa, I want to eat persimmons.""
Grandpa ""OK, then let's go, persimmon is a kind of fruit full of nutrition""
Grandson ""To be specific, which kind of nutrition they have""
Grandpa ""You are still so curious about everything. But since my lovely grandson asked, grandpapa would tell you."""

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Nov 28 ,2018

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup ⑥ 2010~2012 (Part one)

"Previously we have introduced to you the game history of Japanese National Men's Soccer Team from 1994 to 2010.
This time, we will introduce to you the performance of the Japanese Team during the four years from 2010 to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil in two parts."

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