Feb 12 ,2019 SERIES

【The boy's real intention】no "second dates" with such a girl!

I was so happy to be asked out on a date by the person I like♡ After our first pleasant date, I couldn't help thinking of when he will ask me for a second date.However,I don't hear from him anymore・・・When? What went wrong ?

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Jan 29 ,2019 SERIES

【LINE】Boys will definitely be tempted! Moteko's killing skills♡

LINE is a very popular chat tool. Just through LINE, boys may be tempted by you and be impressed by you!
In the Beautymatome of this time, let's learn the exciting LINE skills of Moteko!

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Jan 22 ,2019 AD

Miki and Shiho's Skin Care Wars - Mission2

The ultraviolet rays are not strong in winter...but why do you still have to keep skin care, why? That is because the internal damage of the skin has not been well repaired, which is the skin problems accumulated day by day.
This time Beautymatome will introduce to you the strongest weapon that can help you repair skin damage and brighten and whiten your skin!

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Jan 15 ,2019 SERIES

Beauties are all doing so ☆ 8 simple beauty habits of taking bath

There are many people who take a shower casually because they are too busy. Nevertheless, to eliminate the fatigue and dropsy of a day you had better take a real bath in a bathtub and get your body warm. So, how to effectively use the time of taking a bath?
This time, Beautymatome will introduce to you 8 time-saving and easy beauty habits when taking a bath and relaxing in the bathtub to help build your beauty.

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Dec 25 ,2018 SERIES

Summary on "Little Devil Skills" mastered by popular girls

In reality there are always girls who are regarded as "cute" and "stylish" but don't have a boyfriend. And there are also popular girls who are not so cute but constantly have new boyfriends.

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Dec 18 ,2018 AD

Miki and Shiho's Skin Care Wars Mission1 “Refresh skin vitality!”

Going to be 30 (years old)! Starting konkatsu(activities for marriage) anxiously, but it didn't go so well... Only after starting konkatsu you might find out that women with beautiful skin are more popular among men... For this reason, this time Beautymatome will stealthily tell you the secret weapon to renew beautiful skin♪

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Dec 11 ,2018 SERIES

Mediocre girls VS Excellent girls! How to spend their rest days? Which sort do you belong to?

Loved by everyone, masculine and feminine, happy and joyful, have you find such girls around you? On the contrary, there are also some girls people can't feel their own charm. Next we will compare the ways in which these two groups of girls spend their rest days. Which group do you belong to?

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