Jun 19 ,2018

Torii, Oarai Isosaki-Jinja

Oarai Isosaki-Jinja is guarded on the mound in the east of Ibaraki Prefecture, facing the Pacific. While the Torii on the reef, which is built on the opposite of the Oarai Isosaki-Jinja, is a sacred place where photographers must come to find a view, and it is the best place to watch the sunrise. This time, I will introduce to you the Torii of Oarai Isosaki-Jinja.

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Jun 09 ,2018

Wagyu Map

Do you like to eat yakiniku, shabu-shabu and steak? The best and highest quality beef is listed as A5. Among the beef of A5 grade, Japanese wagyu has won worldwide acclaim.

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May 31 ,2018

A total of 7 changes? ! How to use Rakugo folding fans?

Rakugo is a traditional form of Japanese verbal entertainment.
Huh? Then what do they want to do with the folding fans in their hands?

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May 24 ,2018

Japan's Top-three Famous Uchiwa

Does everyone feel that it has become hotter recently?
In Japan, the uchiwa is one of the representative sceneries in summer.
Today I will introduce Japan's top-three famous uchiwa to you.

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May 11 ,2018

Shocked! The facts behind the wig in cosplay!

Cosplay is a kind of unique Japanese culture.
But no one can find the hard work hidden behind the beautiful cosplay!

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May 03 ,2018

Goshuin which can be collected in Kita-Kamakura

Have you collected goshuin?
Have you been to Kita-Kakura?
Today, I'd like to introduce to you the goshuin in the Kamakura Gozan Temples.

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Apr 30 ,2018

Good-looking and tasty nihonshoku! Izakaya in Japanese Cuisine ——Tsurukamerou

There is a Japanese-style and distinctive shop in Harajuku.
We can have a nihonshoku in this shop?!
Yeah, this time I will introduce to you the Tsurukamerou Harajuku!

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Apr 17 ,2018

The flavour of curry is ranged from sweet to spicy, then how many levels is it divided?

Do you like curry? The sweet curry or spicy curry, which one is your favorite?
In Japan, the flavour of curry is roughly divided into 5 levels from sweet to spicy.
Today, I will tell you about the heat levels of Japanese curries.

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Apr 13 ,2018

Have you ever seen this in Japanese dramas or movies? Japanese “Goukon”, or group dating

“Goukon” is a group blind date to meet opposite sex. Most of you are likely to have watched it in Japanese dramas or movies. “Goukon” comes from the words “Godo Konpa” (informal group meeting of mixed sex). It is where 2 and more groups of people organize a party together and both the male and female participants get to know each other. In Japan, how do the OLs organize this kind of event? This time, we will share the “Goukon’s rules” based on the actual experience!

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Apr 09 ,2018

Secrets of Products Exchange

Have you play the capsule toy or ichiban kuji in Japan? Then did you get what you want?
It may be a little bit difficult to hit the jackpot just once.
However, in Japan, the same two-dimensional human beings often help each other in order to realize their dreams.
Well, today I will introduce to you the secrets of products exchange in Japan.

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Apr 04 ,2018

The ways to distinguish different sakura!

April is the season for hanami.
In order to let everyone better enjoy the pleasure of hanami, this time I will introduce the ways to identify sakura!

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Apr 03 ,2018

How much do you know about the hanami?

Sakura is the symbol of Japan. Sakura is not only beautiful, but it is also very similar to the character of the Japanese, so it has been loved by people for ages.

In recent years, the number of tourists visiting sakura in the spring has been gradually increased.
Before admiring the beauty of sakura, I'd like to ask you all, do you know about the etiquette for hanami?

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