Apr 05 ,2018

Summary of Types of Japanese Student Uniforms

In Japan, April is the season for new semester and new start! We can find many students wearing new bright uniforms in the street. If have a close view of them,we may really find many kinds of Japanese uniforms. Here, I sum up Japanese student uniforms (especially girls' uniforms) for everyone.

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Mar 17 ,2018

Not only Takeshita street! But also the Harajuku's hidden sightseeing spot!

Harajuku is located in Shibuya, Tokyo.
There are many famous tourist spots such as Takeshita and Omotesando where are full of bustling young people, as well as others fashion district where hide lots of fascinating attractions.
This time I will introduce to you the place that is suitable for publishing photos on ins in the form of quiz!

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Mar 14 ,2018

We can do much more!? Let's fully enjoy the efficient service of Japanese convenience stores!

Some convenience stores are open twenty-four hours a day and all year round.
In such convenience stores, you can not only purchase a variety of items, but also can enjoy a lot of convenient services!
If you understand these services in advance, that will be of great help to you! Now let me introduce to you the ways to flexibly and effectively enjoy the services of such convenience stores.
Click here to see what you can buy unexpectedly!

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Mar 02 ,2018

Various new drinking method of nihonshu!

Nihonshu is the wine made from rice, water and koji. Although it is enough to make Japanese proud, yet many Japanese are not good at drinking...
And some people want to drink it, but the alcohol of nihonshu is about 15-16 degrees, so they are afraid to have a try.
For such people and those who like drinking nihonshu, I'd like to recommend some new drinking method of nihonshu which can be mixed at home.

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Feb 09 ,2018

Five cold-proof countermeasures to ensure you sleep soundly in the winter

Japan is still in cold winter, and it will be some time before the coming spring.
In such long winter nights, I think it is too cold for most people to have a good sleep.
People overseas living in Japan should also pay attention to the cold-proof countermeasures at bedtime I've summarized.

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Feb 08 ,2018

Let's support Tokyo Marathon 2018, one of six World Marathon Majors! You can also enjoy it!

The annual grand gymnastic show, "Tokyo Marathon 2018" will be held on February 25 (Sunday). Then there will be more than 35,000 people running from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Shinjuku) to Tokyo Station (Chiyoda), passing many places of interest of Tokyo.

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Feb 02 ,2018

Introduce Ehoumaki with manga!

Ehoumaki is a kind of Makizushi eats on Setsubun while facing the lucky direction (the year's lucky compass direction). It contains the meaning of "rolling fortune", which is auspicious and a traditional activity in Japan.

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Jan 20 ,2018

You can learn interesting things about instant noodles. I went to the CUPNOODLES Museum Yokohama!

After pouring into boiling water for a few minutes...
a cup of hot instant noodles is ready!
This simple and delicious "instant noodles" were invented in Japan.
And I visited the "CUPNOODLES Museum Yokohama" to experience, eat, and enjoy the instant noodles!

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Jan 14 ,2018

Housewives ┬ĚHome-aloners must read ! Variations of Mochi Recipe

Speaking of Japan's indispensable food in the New Year's Holiday, it must be "mochi"!
In normal times, we often bake the round mochi and mashed mochi, or cook the zoni.
But, there must be some mochi left...when realizes, the New Year's Holiday may be over...
How could this be.
Let's try to reprocess these extra mochi with other methods!

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Dec 02 ,2017

"Drink intravenous drip?" Then come to drink the amazake brought from temple on the New Year's Day.

Do you know a milky drink called the "amazake" which is often seen during the festival or the New Year's first visit to the temples and shrines?
Although the word is written with "sake", it's not alcoholic beverages, this is a kind of soft drink even the minors can drink.
Now let me introduce the reality of the amazake which is popular with ladies recently!

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Nov 16 ,2017

Japanese Trains -- Why Are They Like This!?

Trains are the most common form of public transportation used by Japanese people.
Many people travel from thirty minutes to an hour, with some people spending over 2 hours on their commute, swaying with the trains.
There's some odd sights to see on-board the trains that most people ride, and we've got the scoop on some of this unique Japanese scenery!

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Nov 07 ,2017

A Japanese Place of Rejuvenation! A Full Breakdown of Japan's High-Tech Toilet Bidets!

Japan's toilets are clean and high-tech! Why, you might ask? Because they have a bidet! Sometimes called a washlet or a shower toilet, a bidet is used for cleaning your rear-end at the press of a button after you're done with your business. That's all well and good, but some people might be... hesitant to use one.
We'll teach you the basics about how to use a bidet that you might be too embarrassed to ask about!!

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