Sep 14 ,2018

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 2〜

After the introduction of First Part, now I will talk to you the Second Part of Popular Omiyage! Different from the omiyage with a slightly higher price I introduced to you last time, this time I want to introduce you the omiyage that is both easily available in convenience stores and is very popular among tourists!

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Sep 06 ,2018

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!? ~Part.2~

In addition to those I introduced last time, there are many Japanese patterns that are often used in daily life. Then I'd like to introduce to you the good sense represented by these Japanese patterns!

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Aug 31 ,2018

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep4 〜Working in a Restaurant〜

After a part-time job application and interview, this time we will finally start work! Speaking of the most common part-time job in Japan for foreigners, they are nothing more than the restaurant, the coffee shop, the convenience store, the supermarket, or the duty-free shop. Yes! Then what are the actual work contents and the things need to be paid attention in Japan? Next, I will give you an in-depth introduction according to different types of shops. The first is the restaurant article!

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Aug 24 ,2018

Issues about popular omiyage 〜Part 1〜

There are many Japanese specialties that are widely known overseas. This time we have investigated some popular specialties and found the following stories!

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Aug 20 ,2018

teamLab Borderless in Tokyo, let's explore the art world of "Borderless".

In the summer of 2018, the world's first digital art museum "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless", which was jointly operated by Mori Building Company, Limited and teamLab, was finally opened in Tokyo.

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Aug 13 ,2018

Ever Wanted to Eat Ramen at a Cart Like You See in Old Movies?

Ramen carts were a major part of Japanese culture in the 1950s, but you don't see them very often in present-day Japan.

But thanks to our investigation we turned up a few that were still in business! Next time you're in Japan, swing on by and give them a try!!

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Jul 20 ,2018

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep3 〜Finally coming the interview〜

Although the clothing request for the part-time interview is not as strict as the business interview, yet you still need to show yourself, namely, dressing clearly and lively!
Especially for the job in food-related work such as restaurant and convenience stores, the shop owner or manager will pay more attention to such aspect.

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Jun 28 ,2018

Independence cultivated in Japan?! All kinds about going to shcool for elementary school students.

"Ah?! Walking to school on its own in the first grade?!"Foreigners are always surprised by this convention in Japan. Certainly, we will not let children walk to school on their own without any preparation. So what exactly is prepared in advance? Let's take a look~

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Jun 12 ,2018

The much to be longed for wafu wedding. Get married at the jinja!

Affected by overseas customs, more and more Japanese people yearn for a wedding in June. Have you find such a scene at the jinja (shrine) when you came to Japan?

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May 31 ,2018

Soft and elastic♡Experience squishy making in Harajuku.

Super squishy with soft and rich elastic touch!
And in the Takeshita Street of Harajuku, there is a professional classroom to teach people how to make such addictive squishy!!

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May 26 ,2018

Magical Japan! Tejime Culture

When you come to Japan, do you have such an idea?
Obviously the meal is over, why do Japanese people still gather in front of the store and arrange themselves in a circle saying something? Why don't they go straight home?

This is actually a Japanese culture that pays much attention to etiquette.
Especially for the dinner on formal occasions (company party, etc.), people will definitely perform the etiquette of Tejime after the show.

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May 15 ,2018

Interesting! The calls of animals in different countries!

Do you imitate animals when you were in your childhood?
For us, how to express the calls of animals in other countries?

This time I'd like to introduce to you the different calls of the same animal in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean!

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