Oct 30 ,2018

Make your charm stand out to the utmost extent! Skills for Japanese nude makeup [latter part]

Continued from the preceding paragraph, this time I'd like to introduce to you the skills for "nude makeup", Japan's mainstream popular makeup! Such makeup can make you look even more cute! Let's make your own charm stand out to the utmost extent♪

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Oct 20 ,2018

【Halloween】The normal make-up is too boring! Five kind of Japanese popular costume for halloween

Want to have a fun Halloween in Japan, but you must be bored with the same costume... Here are some of classic Japanese monster costumes for Halloween! These necessary costumes are sold very well because of their high popularity! If dressing up in a different way than usual, you will definitely be more eye-catching than your friends!

  • Fashion & Makeup
Oct 06 ,2018

Ordinary paper is also available! From this day on, you can also become a paper crane master!

"Origami" is a traditional Japanese game, the most popular of which is "paper crane", but I don't know how to fold it...don't worry, this article will help you! I can show off to my friends today♪

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Sep 28 ,2018

【unexpected】After taking the escalator in Nagoya, the center of Japan...

As we all know,Japan is a country that pays great attention to etiquette, but do you know that the etiquette of taking the escalator varies from place to place?

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Sep 19 ,2018

[What is that!!] Shows the charm to the utmost extent! Japanese nude look skills[Part I]

What is the mainstream makeup in your country? There are different makeup in different countries. This time I want to talk about the mainstream "nude look" in Japan, if you think this is the run-of-the-mill makeup, you're all wet. Next I'd like to introduce to you some Japanese nude look skills which can maximize your beauty through a variety of techniques.

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Sep 07 ,2018

[Super fresh!!] Which kind of fruitgari we should experience in the autumn of Japan?

Have you ever experience the "fruitgari" in Japan? In Japan, as a customary activity in autumn, fruitgari is widely favored by the people. In recent years, Japan has opened many fruitgari tourism item so that provide lots of convenience for overseas tourists! I also want to join in, but what should I do? So we provide you with some useful information here!

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Aug 30 ,2018

Different gods help you with different wishes! ~ Visit different Shinto shrines ~

In Japan, there are even more ""Shinto shrine / Jinja"" than convenience stores. Maybe everyone would like to take a photo of these solemn traditional Japanese Shinto shrines.
However, it is a great pity if that’s all you do! It is said that if you visit a Shinto shrine and pray in person, good things will happen to you. And the good fortune varies in different types according to the Shinto shrine you visit!
Now read this article and find a Shinto shrine that matches with your wishes!

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Aug 24 ,2018

Ah, you only know Takeshita Street? Five "streets" you must know at Harajuku.

When go sightseeing in Tokyo, everyone wants to go to "Harajuku", but whether you think that after wandering at Takeshita Street, you have already learned all the Harajuku? In fact, there are other "streets" at Harajuku that crowded with people! If you can visit all these places, you can say you've definitely tasted all aspects of Harajuku♪

  • Spot & Travel
Aug 18 ,2018

Can't help but want to try! Understand the knowledge about sushi that will be good for you

The sushi is eaten with chopsticks or directly by hand? What is the tsukemono on the table when eating sushi? There must be the answers for these questions in the sushi restaurant. After reading this article, there is no doubt that you will know how to enjoy sushi better from tomorrow?!~

  • Food & Sweets
Aug 16 ,2018

Earthquakes in Japan -- Precautions and Helpful Information

When talking about Japan, people will think of attractions, food, culture ... and so many funny stuffs. However, the "earthquake" may strike Japan from time to time. Whether or not you have ever suffered an earthquake, I would like to introduce to you about the response options in the event of huge earthquake to reduce losses.

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Aug 10 ,2018

That Guy's Cosplay Looks Great! ... Wait, That's a Girl?

Cosplay is super fun, but it's no simple task to become your favorite male characters, you know? We're going to show you how to get over that hurdle and do eye makeup so you can look like a man!

  • Fashion & Makeup
Aug 02 ,2018

Bonsai is More Than Just Those Little Trees

Do you know about "bonsai"?
Just like Japanese garden, right? If you think so, it may be not correct.
You may know about it, but I think you do not understand what it does mean on earth. So this time I'd like to deeply introduce to you the relative knowledge about bonsai.

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