Nov 19 ,2018

Cute and eye-poping♡ "Jomon Doki"

Jomon Doki refers to the earthenware made in Japanese archipelago during Jomon Period (about 16,000 years ago ~ 2,300 years ago)

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Nov 08 ,2018

Strong~ smelling!! Stimulate the eyes and nose! "Wasabi"

Wasabi has been a plant naturally grown in the deep mountains and valleys of Japan since ancient times, which is a kind of main condiment that Japanese people like.

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Oct 30 ,2018

A good friend of light work! Gunte, the glove used by Japanese.

Gunte is a kind of glove that the Japanese love very much, which is widely and effectively used in people's daily lives. The gunte is usually white, flexible, and very firm and cheap. While working, gunte is a good labour protection equipment to prevent cuts and bruises.

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Oct 19 ,2018

You must know! "Yuzu Kosho", a super crazy seasoning born in Japan!

Do you know the Yuzu Kosho? It is a kind of Japanese seasoning made by grinded roughly chopped pepper and pomelo peel and salt.

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Oct 03 ,2018

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup ⑤ 2008~2010 (latter part)

"(previous review)
After Germany World Cup in, Ivica Osim took the position of head coach of the Japanese National Men's Football Team, but he had to resign due to a sudden cerebral infarction. Then Okada Takeshi took over as the next head coach, and Japanese Team started out a new journey."

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Sep 20 ,2018

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup④ ~from Osim to Okada~(2006〜2008)

Prior to this part, I've introduced to you the Japanese National Men's Football Team in the 1990s, 2002 Korea and Japan World Cup and 2006 Germany World Cup.

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Sep 12 ,2018

Perfect match with a shichimi togarashi! What about a bowl of soft and juicy oyakodon?

Mum: Hey, everyone-! The meal is ready -

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Sep 08 ,2018

If you don't know the Choyo no Sekku, I'd like to introduce it to you!

Choyo no Sekku is an activity held on September 9th of each year. And it is listed as one of Japanese Gosekku together with Tango no Sekku on May 5th and Tanabata on July 7th.

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Aug 31 ,2018

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup ③(2002~2006)

"I've introduced to you the performance of Japan in 1990s and Korea-Japan World Cup in 2002.

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Aug 23 ,2018

Shichimi tougarashi, magic powder for delicious cuisine.

Shichimi togarashi is a Japanese seasoning made mainly of peppers and mixed with 7 kinds of spices.This time, I will introduce to you some relevant information about shichimi togarashi which is a very popular seasoning in Japan.

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Aug 10 ,2018

Beware! A crazy originated from Japan - "kimodameshi"

A campsite

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Jul 13 ,2018

History of Japan's Participation in World Cup ② (2002)

"The history of Japan's participation in World Cup in the 1990s can be said to
be vicissitudes."

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