Mar 29 ,2018

Fish cuisine in spring

Spring comes after winter. Do you know the word ""harutugeuo""? It is the fish that announces the coming of spring. When the weather warms up, flowers will bloom and fish will come back.
Well, this time I will introduce to you the delicious fish cuisine in spring of Japan.

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Mar 29 ,2018

Necessities for otaku?! Itabag!

We often find itabag in the street.
Different people have different types of itabag! Then which type do you have??

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Mar 24 ,2018

Won't such ice cream melt?! Kanazawa Ice!

The ice cream that melts while eating has already out of date?!
It is the current ice cream that will not melt and can also be used as decorations!
I've been to such modern ice cream shop once!

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Mar 21 ,2018

Let’s send moisture with your message by steam cream!

As for ‘steam cream’ brand, moisturizing cream to the whole body, SC. Cosmetics Co., Ltd. launches products collaborated with Manga Designers Lab. for a limited edition.

We do illustrations for original character of same brand and bring out two types new design canisters enabling them to post a message at steam cream official online store.

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Mar 16 ,2018

How much do you know about Japanese cuisine made from soybeans?

Do you like soybeans? For Japanese people, soybean is a very important source of protein. In Japanese cuisine, people often use processed soybeans, which are not only delicious but also beneficial to the body.
Well, let me introduce the processed foods made with Japanese soybeans.

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Mar 07 ,2018

Japan's Sakura Blossom Map in Spring and Five Ohanami Resort

Speaking of spring, we must think of sakura.
Many people will come to Japan this season in order to watch the sakura.
Then, I will introduce to you the best time and good scenic spots for ohanamii.

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Mar 05 ,2018

The correct ways to discard the milk cartons are?

Do you know that the garbage classification in Japan is very strict?
As to the different garbage classification, the ways to drop litter are different.
Well, here I will introduce to you the correct ways to discard the milk cartons in Japan.

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Feb 27 ,2018

In 2017, these things are very popular in Japan!

Do you know which products were burglary sold in 2017 for Japanese explosive buying?
In a word, the key word is "substantial".
These popular products have a tendency that they could make your daily life colorful, so that you can spend a comfortable and enjoyable leisure time in your own home.
This time, let's take a look at the hot items in Japan in 2017.

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Feb 26 ,2018

We hope girls can grow up healthily, so the Hinamatsuri emerged as the times require.

On March 3 of each year, the Japanese celebrate a festival which is called "Hinamatsuri".
For the girls' healthy growth, people of families or in the town will take a variety of activities to celebrate such festival. Then, what will do on Hinamatsuri? Let's learn about it together.

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Feb 24 ,2018

Now You've Got It! How to Draw Manga!(Character-created Method①)

The types of entertainment include movies, novels, comics, anime, games and so on. But no matter which one it is, if you want to make the story interesting and vivid, you need to master the important key of "character".

So what should be considered when creating a character?
This time let's take a look at the method of character's creation!

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Feb 21 ,2018

Tasty Japanese Meals for Muslims! Local Halal Restaurants!!

Japanese cuisine is one of the great things about Japan! It's great for Muslims!
Come eat some wonderful Shabu-Shabu at the very first restaurant in Japan to become local certified Halal!

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Feb 14 ,2018

Girls in love are very busy! Valentine's Day!

The chocolate is only given to the people you like on Valentine's Day, is that out of date? !
Let's take a look at the current Valentine's Day!

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