Apr 19 ,2018

Working Holiday in Japan! Ep2 〜Fill in Resume〜

The above is the way to fill in your resume! As long as you refer to the template, fill it in neatly and show your enthusiasm for work, there will be no problem!

The next article of this Series is Interview!

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Apr 14 ,2018

The Theme Park in Shitamachi: Arakawa Yuen!

Arakawa Yuen is the only public park in Tokyo's 23 districts.
It is located in a residential area where has the civilian intimacy and nostalgic atmosphere!
This theme park was opened in the 11th year of Taisho (1922), where has always been a fun place for children and adults.

Here, I would like to introduce the unique charm of Arakawa Yuen!

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Mar 13 ,2018

Working Holiday in Japan! EP1 〜Apply for Part-time Jobs by Phone〜

During the one or two years while living overseas, people can enjoy the "life", "learning" and "work" in the way of working holiday. In recent years, many foreigners come to Japan for working holiday (hereinafter referred to as "WH"). In order to earn living expenses during this period, some of them may be puzzled how to find a job.

For those who are disturbed by this, let's learn more about WH through comics!

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Mar 08 ,2018

Tokyo also has a fictitious land of peace?! That must be "Todoroki Valley" where is rich in nature.

Todoroki Valley is located in a quiet residential area of Setagaya, Tokyo, which is the only valley in the twenty-three districts of Tokyo. One side is lush, the other is clean water, that is a really paradise, leaving you to forget that you are in Tokyo.

In addition to the natural beauty, there are many shrines, Japanese teahouse and wagashi shop.

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Feb 28 ,2018

A little of knowledge about Momotaro: Why can monkey・pheasant・dog beat the demons?!

Generally we use beans to beat demons.
Then, do you know some knowledge about Momotaro?

Whether at home or abroad, I think Momotaro is a well-known Japanese legend. But maybe some people do not know his story, so this time I will tell you the stories about him.

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Feb 22 ,2018

Let's take JR Chuo Line to visit cat-store!

Cat owners shall take Chuo Line to visit such cat-stores!

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Jan 16 ,2018

Milk shake x Potato Chips x "Alcohol" ?! THE SHAKE & CHIPS TOKYO in Omotesando

Sweet shake matched with crunchy potato chips ?!
The "SHAKE & CHIPS", a new collocation which means dipping chips with milk shake, was put forward by a specialty store "THE SHAKE & CHIPS TOKYO(hereinafter referred as S&C)" in Omotesando.

I'd like to introduce to you the charm of this shop!

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Jan 08 ,2018

Let's collect 7 kinds of blessings! Shichifukujin Meguri

One of activities in New Year's Holiday of Japan——Shichifukujin Meguri, like its name, people shall go to shrines or temples to visit seven gods.
Well, before the ceremony, let me introduce the seven lucky gods to you!

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Dec 16 ,2017

Date on Christmas? & Young Japanese recommendations for date spot!

Date on Japanese Christmas?
Maybe many foreigners hold such image.
In fact, in order to study how to spend Christmas for young Japanese guys, we built a questionnaire survey of 40 men and women in twenties this time!

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Dec 05 ,2017

Introduction of three main area of Tokyo! Landscape map for 2017 illuminations!

The people may know the "illuminations landscape", the Japanese scenery in winter which is even very popular overseas!
Then as a short-stay traveler in Japan, how to enjoy such scenery as much as possible within the limited time?
Here, we'd like to introduce the summary landscape map for illuminations in the three downtown area to you.

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Sep 18 ,2017

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

What did the scenery look like in Japan several centuries ago?
Take a peek at Osaka during the Edo period in manga!

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Sep 12 ,2017

The Meanings Behind Traditional Japanese Patterns That Even Japanese People Don't Know!?

Traditional Japanese designs, or Wagara, are a type of pattern peculiar to Japan.
The most well known of these take a single design and create patterns by placing the design systematically on fabric.
They're mostly used for kimono, packaging, and other goods and sundries, but not only are they ultra cute -- they also have proper significance!

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