Jul 28 ,2018

Comic & Anime lovers must know! "Doujinshi"! What is that??

The "Doujinshi" refers to the magazines or publications produced by individuals/associations, which are the self-published books, while the Shougyoushi is different from the Doujinshi, it is a kind of book that the publisher pay for the author to write.

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Jul 27 ,2018

Old Needles in Tofu...? That's a KUYOU Offering!

Do you know the "Kuyou"? "Kuyou" is a Buddhism term, which means praying to gods or souls of deceased person in the manner of offering flowers or other offerings. In fact, in addition to bring offerings to the deceased person, the "object" may also be worshiped in some shrines and temples. As for such offering, I've tried to sort out two kinds of conspicuous offering activities during this period.

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Jul 25 ,2018

Enjoy the coriander!“PHAKCHI BAR·GOLDEN BURNING”in Shibuya

Coriander, which is very popular in Thai and Vietnamese food, is also emerging in the Japanese cuisine! This time I have been to the "PHAKCHI BAR·GOLDEN BURNING", a shop can eat Japanese dishes of coriander in Tokyo!

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Jul 06 ,2018

Fantastic rainbow cuisine! Harajuku “LE SHINER”

Almost all the Japanese lovely elements are gathered in Harajuku, including colorful accessories, western clothes, beautiful makeup, plush toys, and food...yes, LE SHINER, the birthplace of rainbow cuisine which is famous for its assemblage of colors, is just located in Takeshita Dori,Harajuku!

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Jun 16 ,2018

Art of Japanese Sweets! Namagashi

On June 16 this year, it will be the "Wagashi Day"! Among the various of wagashi, "namagashi" is known as the art of food. This "namagashi" is inviting you into its world.

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Jun 01 ,2018

Beware of Japan's summer! How to deal with heat easily.

Have you ever felt the summer in Japan? Japan is a "high temperature and high humidity" country, in summer, as temperatures rise, people will be sweaty heavily. How is the hotness in Japan different from that of the general countries? This time I will introduce to you the characteristics of Japan's summer.

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May 24 ,2018

Experience real bonsai in Tokyo! "Shunkaen Bonsai Museum"

"Bonsai" is a kind of Japanese art form that was introduced from China and rooted in Japan and built its own unique culture. And now there is a museum where people can enjoy, learn and understand the art of bonsai--Shunkaen Bonsai Museum

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May 17 ,2018

Permanent Cherished Version! Japanese lecture part1〜Kanji〜which can be used all the time.

We have learned Hiragana and Katakana several times before, this time, we will capture the last bastions for this Japanese lecture, the "Kanji"!

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May 10 ,2018

Permanent Cherished Version! Japanese Lecture for Sustainable Use · Review & Summary +α

↓The previous lectures are available, please click here.↓

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Apr 26 ,2018

Blue Dream Ocean of Nemofira! 〜Hitachi Seaside Park〜

In this season, a wide variety of flowers are blooming all over the Japan. And I heard that, in recent years, there has been a high-profile hanami resort---"Hitachi Seaside Park", so I went there in person!

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Apr 20 ,2018

A coffee shop where you may meet with Buddhist monk! Tera Cafe Daikanyama!

In addition to tasting washoku, you can also experience Buddhist scriptures transcription, rosary making and so on at Tera Cafe Daikanyama, where is a coffee shop to realize Buddhism with a light heart.This time I have gone to this shop with an individual style.

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Apr 11 ,2018

Up to 10,000 or more ?! Detailed Study of Japanese "Kamon"

Do you know the "kamon" widely used in Japan? Actually, the ancient kamon was used to express his family and status, however, nowadays, kamon has been popularized in the Japanese corporate logo, comics, and even the trademark of LOUIS VUITTON. So it is very close to everyday life now.

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