Feb 06 ,2018

How to wear a scarf in style

How cold it is〜A scarf is indispensable for cold protection in winter.
As a huge plus of fashion, scarf takes a great shot!
However, why do you always wear the scarf in the same way?
This time I will introduce to you how to wear a scarf in style.

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Feb 03 ,2018

Why do Japanese people scatter beans on this day? And what does Setsubun mean?

Scattering beans to drive away the evil shall be performed on February 3, the Setsubun.
Putting up small decorations of sardine and eating beans, it is really strange.
Then why they do such things, let me explain it to you!

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Jan 29 ,2018

Now You've Got It! How to Draw Manga! (Story Generation①)

What is the funny story like?
"The creative methods of story just as much as the number of population, so there is no so-called correct answer...", it is not really the case! In fact, the creative methods of most popular works worldwide would not follow a certain routine just in order to make the story interesting.
This time let's take a look at the two routines for creating interesting stories.

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Jan 25 ,2018

Catch a cold ? Try Japanese trick of healing !

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Jan 24 ,2018

Japanese Local Ramen Map !

Ramen, the unique Japanese classic food which can be comparable with sushi.
In recent years, the number of ramen restaurant expanding overseas has been increasing very fast and attracting lots of popularity.

However, the charm of Japanese ramen has not been fully transferred to the overseas diners.
In fact, there are many "local ramen" which develop independently throughout the Japan.

This time, let's take a look at the local ramen throughout the Japan.

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Jan 19 ,2018

The world's most lovely Purikura shop! Moreru Mignon!

A dreamy shop with full of cute!
Let me introduce to you the Moreru Mignon, where the girls can hold their most lovely gesture!

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Jan 18 ,2018

Special collection of classic Omiyage, Tokyo

What's the best Omiyage in Tokyo?
There are various gifts all over the Japan gathered in the Tokyo's gift shop.

Which one should buy, I am hesitant ... you may think that is Tokyo's specialty, but if you look at it carefully, you maybe find it is produced elsewhere! I think a lot of people have gone through such experience.

This time I will collect some classic specialties originated in Tokyo, you must be happy if you find my information.

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Jan 01 ,2018

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!
Thank you for all of your help last year.

This movie expresses the greetings of new year.

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Dec 29 ,2017

What is the "Osechi-ryori" eaten in New Year's Holidays?

"My friends, have you prepare for the New Year's Day?
In Japan, people usually spend New Year's Day with their family.
Then the special dishes appeared on the dining tables are called "Osechi-ryori".
Osechi-ryori is a kind of Japanese cuisine which is prepared at the end of the year and eaten in New Year's Holidays with family members.
Every kind of cuisine is placed the "hope" of new year.
Now, let's get to know the "Osechi-ryori" in detail !"

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Dec 28 ,2017

Japanese Food List of Surprising Foreigners 2017

The Japanese food is very delicious, and even more popular overseas, but, some foreigners will still be surprising to say "Are you kidding? This really can be eaten?"
So, I asked some foreign friends living in Japan !
The latest statistical result for 2017 is like this!

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Dec 27 ,2017

Inspiration for your journey! Japan Top Three!

Does your country also have Top Three? There are many Top Three in Japan, so we select carefully and provide you with some classical Top Three which may be well-known to all the people!

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Dec 26 ,2017

National Holidays in Japan

Every country have their own National Holidays. Of course, Japan also has itʼ s own National Holidays. Some of them might surprise you a little bit..?

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