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[ Summer is the season for eating somen! Five fancy ways to eat somen you'd better to try this summer. ]

The summer is coming as usual, and it is the summer of the Reiwa First Year! Although the reign title has changed, yet the heat of summer never change, and the temperature is still rising. Scorching sunshine, continuous global warming, heatstroke alert, as well as Stop the Seasons in the Sun! Just in such hot summer, we should eat well so as to keep physical strength.

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Yuko’s Four Panel Comic #002 [ Nagashi-somen ]

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【 To Japan's highest peak! 10 Tips for enjoying climbing Fuji - part1 】

 Mt.Fuji is a mountain that fascinates many people across time and borders. Every year, as many as 200,000 to 300,000 people visit Japan's highest peak. I have always dreamed of climbing to Mt.Fuji, at least once in my life. And this summer, a long-cherished dream has come true, and I climbed to Mt.Fuji on August 17-18th!

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Dec 25 ,2019 SERIES

Merry Cozy Christmas to All !

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