Dec 23 ,2017

It is not only the origami ! But the origami manicure !

Next, let me introduce to you a very famous method that turns the origami to the manicure perfectly !

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Dec 21 ,2017

Now You've Got It! How to Draw Manga! (Profound! Edit by cartoonist school)

How to draw comics?
This time we invite master Koshino Ryo, a professional cartoonist, to teach us the drawing method of comic background and how to improve the skills.

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Dec 20 ,2017

It is not edible, but the report of production & experience on "Replica Foods" in Japanese culture!

Do you know something called "Replica Foods"?
When you are in Japan, you will find high-quality "Replica Foods" everywhere in restaurant.
I heard that there are some places where we can experience the production of "Replica Foods", a unique culture in Japan, this time I have gone to a shop called "Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya" at Kappabashi of Asakusa !

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Dec 18 ,2017

Toilet Rules in Japan

As you all might know, “Sanitary” is one of the important things when travelling.

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Dec 08 ,2017

Surprised me, this flavor is also……?!You can find all the upgraded table seasonings in DAISO JAPAN.

Japanese basic table seasonings,
needless to say such basic models, but DAISO JAPAN actually has provided the taste surprising the Japanese themselves!!!

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Dec 07 ,2017

Snow! Snow! Snow! Great Spots to Enjoy Snow, Popular Amongst Japanese Locals and Foreign Tourists!

Did you know that Japan's actually the country with the most snowfall in the world?
We're going to list up some of the greatest spots to enjoy the magnificent Japanese snow for those who want to experience it, from the north all the way down to the south!

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Dec 06 ,2017

Permanent Cherished Version! Japanese lecture part1. Hiragana, which can be used all the time.

Now we have learnt Japanese words and sentences.
This time let's learn "Basis of Japanese Foundation" !

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Nov 30 ,2017

All about Tunaʼ s parts

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Nov 27 ,2017

Easy to Understand Even for Novices! What's Kabuki?

Japan is synonymous with Kabuki!
Have you ever heard the word "Kabuki", but didn't know what it meant?
Well, this column is for you, then!

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Nov 26 ,2017

C3AFA Singapore: Karin's Mound Corner Report

Here, we'll introduce you to the Karin's Mound corner! We'll get things started with the first game: Strike Out!

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Nov 25 ,2017

C3 AFA Nishitetsu Corner Report!

This time, we visited the Nishi Nihon Tetsudo Corner at the world's largest anime event, C3 AFA, which is currently being held in Singapore on November 24, 25, and 26!

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Nov 24 ,2017

C3AFA Singapore: A Visit to the ANA Corner!

There's also an acclaimed quiz promotion underway that could win you a trip to Japan!
The promotion runs from November 24 to 30, so come visit the Manga de Japan booth at C3AFA Singapore and enter for your chance to win!

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