Nov 23 ,2017

There's So Many?! Japan's Music Rhythm Games

There's a strange type of game that is seen in video game arcades in Japan.
So, just sort of game is that person playing with such awesome movements?!

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Nov 21 ,2017

Manners in a shrine

When people comes to visit Japan, almost everyone plans to visit at least one Shrine before leaving Japan.

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Nov 20 ,2017

I Ate the Hot New Dessert Taste Sensation at "Anywhere Door" in Harajuku!

Harajuku is brimming with popular desserts such as pancakes, crepes, and snow cones. And upon catching a rumor of a hybrid dessert that exists within that town, I set off on a quest to find it!

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Nov 19 ,2017

How to Take Pictures That Cosplayers Will Love You For

"Cosplay" is a Japanese subculture. Many towns hold a variety of cosplay gatherings and events. You might just see some "cosplayers" while you're out sightseeing! We're here to teach you the proper etiquette for taking photos of cosplayers!

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Nov 18 ,2017

The Expanding World of Japanese Anime! C3 AFA Singapore 2017!

Anime Festival Asia (AFA), the premiere celebration of J-Pop culture in three southeast Asian countries since 2008, will be combining forces with this year's C3 character event to create C3 AFA, a festival providing exciting content to even more fans in southeast Asia!

Starting in June, events were be held one after the other in Bangkok, Thailand, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Tokyo, Japan, and the final event will be taking place over three days in Singapore from November 24th to the 26th!

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Nov 17 ,2017

The Correct Way to Make Japanese Tea

Do you know how to prepare Japanese tea to make it taste its best?
If you consider the hot water temperature and get creative, you can enjoy the taste and aroma of great tasting tea.

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Nov 14 ,2017

Not just plain rice ! Easy to cook, Easy to eat “Takikomi-gohan”.

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Nov 12 ,2017

Modern Nostalgia!? Ramen Cart Detectives!

Ramen carts were a major part of Japanese culture in the 1950s, but you don't see them very often in present-day Japan.

But thanks to our investigation we turned up a few that were still in business! Next time you're in Japan, swing on by and give them a try!!

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Nov 10 ,2017

Now You've Got It! How to Draw Manga! (Process Edition)

Manga; it's around us all the time.
But what does it take to complete a manga from draft to retail?
Do you guys happen to know?

We're going to take a look at how a manga is made, step by step, from putting together the story all the way through to the end.
You might see manga differently by the end of this!

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Nov 09 ,2017

Osakan Soul Food! How to Kushikatsu!

Kushikatsu is a great snack to have while drinking.
We're gonna show you how to enjoy Kushikatsu the right way!

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Nov 05 ,2017

Regional Oden! Different Tastes in Different Places!?

Oden is a well-known Japanese cuisine, but did you know that there are dozens of different varieties of Oden throughout Japan?

Japanese people love having warm Oden when it gets cold out.
Who knew there'd be such a huge difference in DASHI (soup base) and GU (ingredients) depending on the location!?

We're going to show you some of our top choices for popular regional Oden!

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Nov 04 ,2017

Things to Know When Visiting Japan! Basic Japanese Phrases #1

The language barrier seems like a pretty big hurdle when visiting a foreign country. There are probably a lot of people who are uneasy with talking to the locals. The goal of this pamphlet is to teach you the ABCs and relieve some of that unease!

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