Nov 03 ,2017

The Japanese Teas That Even Japanese People Don't Know.

There are a bunch of different varieties of Japanese tea.
Can you explain the differences between all of them?
Truth be told, not even a lot of Japanese people could tell you, either.

Let's take a look at the different varieties of Japanese tea!

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Oct 30 ,2017

Easy words to compliment Japanese Artist

Have you ever experience this kind of moment ?

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Oct 29 ,2017

You Can Go Fishing in the Middle of the City?! A New Japanese Pub Sensation!

Japan is synonymous with its food! And of course Japanese cuisine wouldn't be complete without fish cuisine! So, we went to a place where they cook up fish that you catch--Zauo!

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Oct 27 ,2017

Let's buy a Lucky Charm as a souvenir !

Have you had any trouble what souvenir you should buy whether you come to Japan ?
Snacks ? Weird stuff you found in Japan ? Maybe there’s too much choice that you couldn’t decided.
Let me introduced another souvenir that might interest you. It is..

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Oct 23 ,2017


Trick or Treat!
Halloween draws nigh!
Are you guys ready for it?!

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Oct 19 ,2017

Fall Leaves and Japanese Maple Trees! When's the Best Time to Visit in 2017?

Autumn is a season of red leaves.

Did you know there's only a relative few countries in the world where you can see red leaves in autumn?
They can only be seen in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere.

Of the few places where one can properly experience autumn, Japan is known to have some of the most varied and beautiful colors.
We're going to let you know the best time this year to visit so you can see them.

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Oct 17 ,2017

Let’s try staying at full-of-idea Capsule Hotel !

You might have heard about “Capsule Hotel” in Japan before. Capsule Hotel is a kind of accommodation, invented in Japan. Explained it easily, it is an really, really small place as a capsule to stay.

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Oct 15 ,2017

Izakaya Beginners to Veterans! 5 Types of Classic Otsumami

In the last article we discussed Japanese izakaya, but this time we will present Japanese snacks served there that go well with alcohol! From standard otsumami to those that require some courage, stick with us to possibly pave the way for new food discoveries!

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Oct 14 ,2017

Neither a Bar, Pub, or Restaurant?! Enjoy Unique Culture at Night in Japan at an Izakaya

Nightfall, when the city illuminates, people flock to Japanese taverns, or izakaya to unwind and sate their hunger after a tiring work day. Even in Japan, izakaya are one of many popular genre of places. You are probably wondering how they differ from pubs, right? Well, how about we dig a little deeper to find out?

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Oct 12 ,2017

Now You've Got It! How to Draw Manga (Tools Edition)

"I like manga! I want to try drawing my own!
...but I have no idea what to draw it with."

The answer is simple:
All you need is a paper and pen.
With manga, you can create any kind of epic story with just a couple of nearby tools at your disposal! This time, let's take a look at the tools for drawing manga.

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Oct 10 ,2017

Anime Scene Recreation?! Japan's "Bathhouse" Culture

You've probably seen it, right?
The bath scenes often shown in Japanese anime.
For instance, a scene often shown in anime such as...

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Oct 09 ,2017

Halloween Makeup from a 100-yen Shop! For real!?

It's finally that time of year! Halloween!
There are going to be a lot of different Halloween parties happening all over Tokyo.
We're going to show you some Halloween makeup tips that are easy enough for absolute beginners!

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