Oct 07 ,2017

Surgical Masks: A Newfound Fashion Trend?

While walking the cities of Japan, have you ever noticed the strange phenomena that more and more youth are wearing surgical masks?

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Oct 05 ,2017

Why Do Japanese People Apologize?

It is thought that there are quite a number of foreigners visiting Japan who are surprised by Japanese people suddenly apologizing to them with a "sumimasen".
Why in the world do Japanese people always apologize?

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Oct 04 ,2017

Presenting Great Spots in Enoshima in Autumn!

Enoshima is famous for the fact that you can go there for a day trip from Tokyo. Brimming with nature, the summer sea, the beautiful sunsets of autumn, and the light displays of winter--it's a popular sightseeing spot enjoyable year-round.
This time, we'll show you essential great spots to check out on Enoshima during autumn.

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Oct 03 ,2017

Hot Spring Etiquette from the Hot Spring Master!

Is this your first time going to a hot spring (onsen)?
You must be uneasy about how to use one, huh?
In that case, let the hot spring master be your guide!

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Oct 02 ,2017

Japan VS Taiwan! Sandwich Wars!

Apparently, if it can't be split into two servings or is too big to fit into your mouth, then that means that a single serving would not be as much. Japanese people consider that splitting it feels like more of a better deal.

On the other hand, splitting something and eating it is totally unheard of in Taiwan. This is cultural differences at play. *laughs*

If you buy a sandwich at a Japanese convenience store in the future, maybe it would be fun to try eating it the Japanese way?

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Sep 30 ,2017

Transform into a Princess! A Purikura Date with the Prince of Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted to become a princess?
Well, there's a purikura machine that will grant you that very wish!
Purikura is a machine at Japan's video game arcades that lets you take a closeup or full body picture, then lets you decorate it with stickers and brush it up. The latest model...
Transforms you into a princess so you can be escorted away by a prince!

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Sep 28 ,2017

Not Just a Toy Anymore! The Scoop on Japanese Gacha Machines!

Capsule toys' roots originated in America.
Then, in 1965, they were imported into Japan and were called "Gacha gacha" or "Gachapon".

Gacha gacha were installed at places such as video game arcades and shopping centers and became a household name for children due to their cheap price.

However, the winds of change have begun to blow for the Gacha gacha industry!
Let's take a look at what is happening with Japan's Gacha gacha.

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Sep 19 ,2017

Do you know a Japanese food called “Natto” ?

Natto is a kind of food made from fermented soybeans. You might heard some people said that it is “smelly” or “has an unfamiliar taste for foreigners”. Natto is actually a traditional food in Japan, said that it is full of protein and is very good for your health.

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Sep 17 ,2017

Internet Connectivity in Japan

An internet connection is a necessity for traveling abroad!
What do you use to connect to the internet?
Let's take a look at the main 3 methods.

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Sep 16 ,2017

Savor It While You Can! A Luxury Meal at the World's No. 1 Fish Market - Tsukiji Market

The Tsukiji Market is a wholesale market located in Tokyo. All the seafood caught in Japan is brought here -- so much, in fact, that it is said to be the No. 1 fish market in the world.The area surrounding the market is packed with shops featuring specialty gourmet dishes such as fresh sushi and seafood bowls, fried eggs, as well as ramen noodle shops even loved by professional dealers.

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Sep 14 ,2017

Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2017

Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2017 is an event being held every year since 2012, aiming to create business matching opportunities for companies from Kansai and Kanto region, to build a steady environment for young creators from Kansai, to promote manga and anime among manga and anime fans from Japan and overseas, and to develop the contents industry in the Kansai region.

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Sep 14 ,2017

A Super Handsome Girl!? How to Use Eye Makeup to Transform into a Man!

Cosplay is super fun, but it's no simple task to become your favorite male characters, you know? We're going to show you how to get over that hurdle and do eye makeup so you can look like a man!

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