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Gifts from Manga de Japan!
Answer a quiz to win a trip to Japan!

Enter for a chance to win ANA tickets, Nishitetsu hotel tickets, or a pair of tickets to a women's professional baseball game! (* Limited to residents of Osaka.)

A quiz promotion through joint sponsorship of 3 companies: ANA, Nishitetsu and KARIN's Mound by Wakasa Seikatsu!

Win an ANA round-trip air ticket (Singapore ⇔ Fukuoka / Singapore ⇔ Osaka (The Singapore ⇔ Osaka flight also comes with a ticket to a women's professional baseball game) and Nishitetsu Hotel accommodations for two (1night 2 day stay each in Fukuoka / Kyoto locations).

campaign detail

During the C3AFA, you can drop by the Manga de Japan booth and satisfy the set conditions to get a quiz ticket.

A quiz will be given from each of the three companies. The questions will vary daily over the course of November 24 to 26 (3 days).

The quizzes are in multiple-choice format and even if you mess up you can try as many times as you want! Huh? What's that?! Hints can be found on each company's website?!

Get all the quiz questions correct and you can enter for a chance at the prize!

Entry will only be possible from the promotion website.

EligibilityThose who drop by the Manga de Japan booth at C3 AFA Singapore and enter with an entry form on the promotion site.

Those who can travel to Japan within this designated period.

Promotion QR distribution period Nov 24th to Nov 26th

Entry Period Nov 24th to Nov 30th

Travel periodDuring the period, the departure date will be determined based on the wishes of the winners.

Please acknowledge that we are unable to satisfy all requests due to unforeseen circumstances such as fully booked seats or hotel rooms and as such may be forced to schedule accommodations that differ from the original request. Not all dates are available for departure.

Entry DisclaimerPrizes are valid only for the actual winner and can not be transferred to a third party, including a family member.

Any errors or omissions on the entry form will void the application.

We are unable to respond to any inquiries regarding the drawing or the winner selection process.

The contents of this entry agreement are subject to change without prior notice due to changes of this promotion and so forth.

Even in the event of the entrant suffering some extent of damage in connection with entering this promotion, except for cases where there is intent or gross negligence on behalf of the organizer,

the organizer shall not be held liable.

Any travel expenses in Japan are not included in prizes.

Watch the video to get the answer of a quiz!


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