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Manga de Japan produces and communicates content under the concept of spreading J-culture by Manga Design to the masses in compliance with the policies outlined below.

Original Content

Though we are diligent in efforts to provide reliable information through sufficient research and news coverage, we are unable to guarantee the veracity of this information. In principle, any content we create that depicts material (Ex. images, videos, written material, etc.) copyrighted by a third party is used with permission from the respective copyright holders. Our company creates original material featuring this copyrighted content.
Further, any material used with permission, in whole or in part, is followed with the notation "Licensed material used with permission by (copyright holder's name)". Any content created with references is followed with the notation "Reference: (source)".

Partner Content

In order to provide a wide range of content, our company has forged a media partnership with content holders. Our media partners collaborate with us to provide and create genuine content free of charge. Any content provided by media partners are followed with the notation "Media partner: (partner name)".

About Content

Our company complies with all applicable laws and regulations in regards to producing and presenting advertising. Further, copyright of information on this website falls under the jurisdiction of our company. The unauthorized reprint or duplication of the content featured on this website, in any form, in whole or in part, is prohibited.

About Ad Content

Any paid advertising content that arises between us, corporations, individuals, and our own clients has their names listed at the top, with the content followed by a "PR" mark.

About Using Images and Video

Images and video media used in this site's content are generally those held, purchased by, or copyrighted by Manga de Japan. In the event we use any third party-copyrighted image or video media, due credit will be given for the Creative Commons license, or to the respective copyright holders. Further, any material used with permission is followed with the notation "Licensed material used with permission by (copyright holder's name)".


Use of this website is at your own risk. Though we work diligently to ensure all information on our site is accurate, our company and our contacts will not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred from use of the information on our website. Further, we are unable to be held liable for links, banners, and other such material from our website being used for services on third party websites.

About Linking

Hyperlinking to our website is generally unrestricted, and does not require any notice in advance. However, there are exceptions depending on the material depicted on the website in question, as well as how it is linked. Also note that the address of our website is subject to change without warning.


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