Beauties are all doing so ☆ 8 simple beauty habits of taking bath

There are many people who take a shower casually because they are too busy. Nevertheless, to eliminate the fatigue and dropsy of a day you had better take a real bath in a bathtub and get your body warm. So, how to effectively use the time of taking a bath?
This time, Beautymatome will introduce to you 8 time-saving and easy beauty habits when taking a bath and relaxing in the bathtub to help build your beauty.

If you brush your teeth when taking a hot bath in a bathtub, the body will likely produce a kind of growth hormone called "parotin". So brushing teeth when taking a bath can not only save time but also have the effect of skincare and anti-aging. Why not do it?

After removing your makeup, slather your face with NIVEA or Yuskin cream. Taking a bath in a bathtub for about 15 minutes with the cream on face to have a sufficient cream pack and then wash off with warm water.
Just like this, the skin can become quite elastic. Face lotion can also permeate easier and moisturize better. The skin will be hydrated as well.
For this simple and time-saving special skincare method, we suggest you to make it a habit and apply once a week.

While taking a bath in a hot tub, your muscles get relaxed, which is a great time to massage your swollen feet and relax your stiff shoulders.
Wring out a hot towel, put it on the neck and shoulder like hot compress, and massage gently from tiptoe to thigh with your hand to eliminate dropsy.

This is a quite simple movement.
Grab a washbasin when taking a bath. Then just like holding the steering wheel of a car, place the washbasin in front of your upper body.
In this pose, just repeatedly raise arm(up)→lower arm(down)→raise arm(up)...!
Adjust the number of times according to your physical condition.

This movement is also very easy♪
When taking a bath, just press both sides of bathtub wall with your hands! Each time keep the pressing for about 10 seconds and take a break. Repeat the exercise 5 to 10 times!

After the bath, do you wrap yourself with the towel used to dry body and hair when doing skin care? Actually that's why you feel cold after a bath. Wrapping your body in a wet (bath) towel, your body temperature will be constantly taken away and getting chilled.

If you want to do skin care right after a bath, dry your body and hair with a towel first and wrap your body with another dry towel or bathrobe. If you put a dry towel over your shoulder in addition, there will be less possibility to feel cold.
By the way, don't get dressed right after the bath. This will make the body heat covered and sweat, which will result in the body getting cold instead.

1. Dry the water on face with towel, and then spray on face lotion with good moisture effect.
2. While the body is still wet, apply body oil and body cream to the body.
3. Gently wipe the vapor off your body and dry your hair with a towel.
4. Go back to your room and do moisturizing care sufficiently with face lotion.

After the bath, spray on face lotion immediately can prevent face from getting dry. As to body care, when the body is wet, body oil and cream spread easier and the skin fully absorbs and gets moisturized without much effort.
Then you can go back to the room and fully moisturize your face.
Step 1~2 should be finished as fast as possible, but there is no need to be in a hurry.
Step 3~4 are not that urgent, so relax and feel free to take your time comfortably after moisturizing.

After a bath, the body is warm and you may think of getting an ice drink from the fridge. But never do that!
Especially in winter, having ice drinks will make the viscera warmed up after a bath cool down immediately. At this point you should refrain from ice drinks and take some room temperature water instead.

It might become the key to beauty whether you can effectively use the time of taking a bath every day. Any one of the habits above is an easy and time-saving way. How about reconsider your bathing habits as well?
Beautymatome will keep learning from Moteko, so stay tuned♡

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