Most elementary schools in Japan offer students "school lunch".
This time I will summarize this "school lunch" culture for you.

What is Kyushoku? Japanese school lunch

School Lunch is a lunch prepared by a Japanese school in accordance with a good daily recipe.
Not only is it delicious, but it also allows students to learn about nutrition and health, cooking and society.

Both delicious and learnable?! School Lunch in Japan

As shown in the picture, school lunch is made up of rice, meat, vegetables and other types of dishes.
Many elementary schools have dedicated dietitians who specialize in child nutrition to develop daily recipes.

Both delicious and learnable?! School Lunch in Japan

Besides traditional Japanese cuisine, such recipes also include many traditional dishes from Asian and European countries.
In addition, by using local dishes and fresh vegetables from different parts of Japan, students can learn about the roots of food and learn the history of their hometown.

Both delicious and learnable?! School Lunch in Japan

In Japan, there is a "feeding duty" system for school lunch which prepared by students themselves.
The students who are on duty shall carry the school lunch put in the big contains to their own classrooms, and put them on the table with other students, so that the entire eating process from preparation to packing will be done by the students themselves.

Both delicious and learnable?! School Lunch in Japan

And, compared to any time, school lunch time is delicious and enjoyable!
Sometimes the hot finger-guessing game (stone, scissors, cloth) for the remaining popular desserts is also a great pleasure for school lunch.
The primary school I used to attend had also played the music of The Beatles at the school lunch time.
In order to allow students to enjoy school lunch happily, we can also see the work of different schools.

What do you think?
School lunch in Japan is not just about eating, it also allows people to learn about food etiquette and culture.
After graduation, students will naturally be able to master and apply the diet-related knowledge they have learned during this period.

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