hokkaido japan souvenir sweets trip

[Super Classic]Do you know these things?Personalized planning for Japanese Omiyage[Hokkaido Article]

Travel, business trips, a long journey, etc., when we travel far away, the indispensable thing must be the omiyage. There are many different omiyages in different parts of Japan, this time, MdJ selected the "super classic" and "super popular" Hokkaido omiyages for introduction! And we will personalize the products with rich characters and introduce them to you♪

hokkaido japan souvenir sweets trip

Shiroikoibito is the Hokkaido omiyage that the people around the world are rushing to buy.
The delicacy of original and silky white chocolate sandwiched between Langue de chat has never changed since its beginning! Just because of the high popularity of Shiroikoibito, there is the existence of ""Shiroikoibito Park"", which has also gained great popularity among tourists visiting Japan in recent years.


hokkaido japan souvenir sweets trip

Hokkaido is a well-known production place of potato, the materials of "Jaga pokkuru" are just 100% potatoes cultivated in Hokkaido! Although the manufacturers have not given it a plug, yet for its "specially delicious", together with its good reputation, making it a long-term bestseller. If you have eaten once, you will definitely be addicted, and can't stop!

hokkaido japan souvenir sweets trip hokkaido japan souvenir sweets trip

In Japan, Hokkaido is deeply blessed by nature and rich in products, so the omiyages here are also very delicious! The next part is the omiyages of [Northeast Article]. If you have a recommended omiyages, please let us know on Twitter or Facebook!