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【 Do you eat sushi rolls quietly? A little unusual Japanese culture 】

In the article of February last year, we introduced one of the Setsubun events called Mamemaki .

This time we will introduce another Setsubun event called Eho-maki.

Eho means the direction of the Year God (god of happiness and fortune) of that year.It is strongly believed that everything will go well if you do things toward that direction. Eho changes every year, and the lucky direction of 2019 is "east-north-east".On the day of Setsubun people eat Eho-maki toward Eho to bring good luck.

There is a rule to eat Eho-maki. First of all, prepare a thick sushi roll for each person. Do not slice into pieces when eating,so that relationships and fortunes are not cut off. In addition, it is said to bring happiness to roll seven ingredients in Eho-maki, in sync with Shichifukujin(the seven lucky gods).

Eat the Eho-maki toward the year’s lucky direction in complete silence.If you talk,good luck will escape.So people are not supposed to talk until eating it all.In the eyes of others,the scene is a little funny. It is quite difficult to eat the whole of a large thick sushi roll!

Eho-maki is actually a Japanese culture that has become a boom again in the last few years.It has become a familiar event due to the influence of advertisements from many convenience stores and supermarkets. It is a pleasure that Eho-maki is rooted in culture, but there is also a serious social problem behind it.

The harsh sales quotas and leftovers due to excessive sales strategy keep on attracting our eyes. I want the culture to be something to enjoy, so let's face east east-north-east with such a wish and eat Eho-maki!

Yuu Nakamoto


Yuu Nakamoto

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