No diet required!The way to spend a holiday of healthy girls

There are a lot of women who often go on a diet,wondering"How many times is this this time?".On the other hand,there are women who"have never been on a diet".
It has something to do with one's body, but it has a lot more to do with the habit! If you imitate the lifestyle of Moteko introduced down below, you may get a good body with no need to diet for life!

It's too basic.But it's easy to forget,isn't it?
There aren't many people who chew a mouthful 30 times.
If you chew well and eat slowly, the satiety center is stimulated and you can get a sense of satisfaction in an appropriate amount. The person who repeat going on the diet, should do from this basic thing first.

You should sit down and then have your meal.
It is common for women who have never had a diet.
Have meals on the couch while watching TV, eat sweets at the desk while working.You shouldn't do these.If you have any feelings,change from now.

Healthy girls are sensitive to the sensation of full stomach.
If you feel your stomach is full, you can quit your meal immediately.
For those who eat too much,there is a possibility that their stomach is swollen and it's hard to feel satiety! In order to feel satiety,please make an effort to such as use the right posture or eating while wearing a tight pair of trousers.

Do you have a habit of eating desserts after a meal?" Girls who are not fat are aware that desserts are not something always to eat but a special one.
It does not mean eating no desserts at all, but only eating it when received from other person or at the time of the celebration. The more you reduce the frequency, the greater the dessert taste!

Many of the girls who have never been on a diet do not drink too much.
Alcohol is high in calories, it is also the cause of eating too much because of the effect of improving appetite.
In addition, it is necessary to be careful with alcohol because the internal organs might be exhausted, and the metabolism might be lowered. As desserts, you should be aware that alcohol is a special thing, and drink it in moderation.

Let's take a look at the holiday habits that healthy girls take for granted.

To replenish the lost moisture during sleep, to awaken the body, let's drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning.
It is a good habit for both body and beauty to prevent the blood from becoming too dense and to help stimulate gastrointestinal activity and help normal digestive activity. Cold water irritates the gastrointestinal tract and cool the body, so the water at room temperature is the best.

It is important to measure your weight on a regular basis and watch out for changes.
Weight change is really worrying while dieting. The weight varies depending on the time of day, so be sure to measure weight accurately by measuring it at the same timing as before breakfast everyday.

While brushing your teeth,body from the neck down is free.
Use that time to do a little exercise.
First, you just have to be on tiptoe, and then raise and lower the heels.
If you continue every day, you will tightening muscles from the calves to the ankles. It is more effective to raise or lower the heel of the toe inward or outward.

First of all, change to sportswear before breakfast.
Make sure to spend 30 minutes to 1 hours in the morning on a light exercise.
If you feel hard to run, just walking is OK too.
By moving the body in the morning of high metabolism, it leads to the body burning continues throughout the day. You can also organise the body clock by bathed in sunlight.

It is important to have breakfast.Because it can help stimulate digestive organs and normalize the metabolism .
Conversely, if you skip your breakfast, your basal metabolism will go down and you will become less likely to lose weight. In addition, as the body becomes starved, it is also possible to absorb excess nutrients at lunch and become overweight easily.
The time of excretion in the morning.

A light breakfast of fruit and yogurt is recommended without eating too much. If you chew well even a small amount, the sense of satisfaction will increase.

Let's go out of the morning.
We recommend museums, libraries, movies and window shopping.
An exciting experience can give you adrenaline and a wasteful appetite. It is good to meet friends, but be careful not to eat too much.

For lunch, let's choose more vegetables positively.
Avoid pasta and rice bowls that tend to be nutritionally biased. There are also a number of restaurants offering healthy menus with a nutritional balance, so it may be a good place to go.

Don't forget hydration while out.
When the moisture decreases from the body, it is likely to feel hunger. Drink pure water, not coffee or juice.

Even if you have a lot of chances of eating out and supermarket side dishes, you can cook your own meals on holidays.
It is recommended to challenge Japanese food such as rice, miso soup, side dishes, and main dishes. It is the best menu to polish the skill of cooking. It is ideal to finish eating before 20:00.

Move slowly after meals without strenuous exercise.
Brush your teeth early so that you will not eat dessert!
Soak in the bathtub and warm the body from the core. It is an important custom to take a good sleep.

When you stay up late, your sympathetic nerves become dominant and you get a appetite.
Go to bed and sleep before twelve o'clock. If you act a lot in the morning or noon, you should sleep in a slip.

At first glance, it feels like a cliché, but what's important is to care for your health and beauty!Learn from the lifestyle of Moteko and try to get the good body with no need to diet !

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