【The custom to give the second button as a present in graduation ceremony】

Which season in your country is the graduation ceremony in? In Japan, traditionally March is the time for graduation ceremony and April is the season for entrance ceremony. Not only in schools, in this time more people will have inaugural activities and job changes, which is the season when the social environment around one changes the most. Because of these things, people's interpersonal relationship may also change greatly.

Therefore this season is always called "season of meeting and parting". Among them, the graduation ceremony is a relatively major event. This time Yuko will introduce to you a custom in Japanese graduation ceremony.

"The second button" is the most famous as a custom of graduation ceremony. On that day, If you get a second button of a favorite boy's uniform, you will get a good sign to be connected with that person. Popular boy, other than the second button also including personal items.

There are various versions about why a boy would give a girl the second button.
It is said that the student uniform tsumeeri (stand-up collar) is derived from military uniform.
Formerly in wartime, young men who had to go off for war were likely to be gone forever,

so on the day of departure they left the second button of their military uniform for their most important lover as a lifetime souvenir to express their lovesickness. If taking off the top button, one will be reprimanded by the army for being careless and disorderly, while taking off the second button is not easy to be discovered. When saluting (putting the left hand in front of the chest), one can use his hand to cover it, so they choose the second button.

There is a saying that the second button is the closest to the heart, so girls will want to get the second button next to their lover's heart for 3 years.
There is another saying that the first button is reserved for oneself, and the person who gets the second button is the second most important person except himself.
And there are many other sayings.

Now in Japan actually you can hardly find people receiving and giving buttons, but this must be one of the pages of sweet and sour youth.

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