"Souvenir" is essential for travel, business trip or a long journey.There are many different specialties throughout Japan, this time is Northern Tohoku Region! We will personify and introduce the souvenirs which are very popular in the northeastern part of Japan to you.

Aomori prefecture apple souvenir japan kita touhoku aomori apple comic illustration kawaii anthropomorphized

Everyone knows that Aomori is notorious for apple, and it is no exaggeration to say "Aomori = Apple". The first reason why Aomori Apple is so famous is its superior apple yield.

In 2017, Aomori's apple yield accounts for about 60% that of Japan! Obviously, this huge value not only supports the economic development of Aomori Prefecture, but also greatly supports its culture and tourism industry!

souvenir japan kita touhoku iwate nanbu-senbei comic illustration kawaii anthropomorphized

Nanbu Senbei is a kind of food originated in Hachinohe Chiho, Iwate. Due to the local customs and historical reasons of Iwate Prefecture, it is not easy to cultivate vegetables in the local area, thus developing a pasta culture such as buckwheat and wheat. So Nanbu Senbei is also cherished as easy-to-preserve food. The “Senbei-jiru”, which is made by putting the Nanbu Senbei into the pot and stewed with other materials, is soft and elastic, and is popular among people.

types of nanbu senbei

Nanbu Senbei have many tastes such as sesame, soy, gomanuri, cuttlefish, and loquat. The taste of different Nanbu Senbei produced by different companies are different. Recently, there have been chocolate, pumpkin, and even natto-flavored Nanbu Senbei! Merchants are developing new flavors every day.

akita prefecture kiritanpo souvenir japan kita touhoku akita kiritanpo comic illustration kawaii anthropomorphized

Akita Prefecture has done a lot of work in rice production since ancient times, and Kiritanpo, which is the most famous food in the local area, is made by crushing the fresh rice that has just been baked, and string them on the cedar sticks to bake with charcoal fire to be rodlike, soft, just like eating rice cakes. There are many Kiritanpo Nabe shops in Tokyo, which is arguably one of the most representative foods in Japanese local cuisine.

Kiritanpo Nabe is made by mixing ingredients such as Hinai chicken, green onions, mushrooms, burdock, cress and cut Kiritanpo into the pot to stew up. Among them, a large amount of seasonal ingredients in Akita Prefecture will be used. When the light and thick taste of the chicken soup penetrate into the Kiritanpo, this unique taste also gained popularity from other counties.

souvenir japan kita touhoku kininaru apple popular aomori

Baked apple pie is made from the luxury of a whole "Fuji" apple produced in Aomori Prefecture. It was born out of the creative idea of ​​bringing the taste of raw apples into the apple pie. If talking about the native products in Aomori, the No.1 must be the "Amazing Apple".

souvenir japan kita touhoku aomori comic illustration kawaii anthropomorphized kininaru apple souvenir japan kita touhoku aomori comic illustration kawaii anthropomorphized kininaru apple

The Amazing Apple won the gold medal of 2002 National Confectionery Exposition, the highest honor in the Japanese wagashi industry, so its deliciousness is authoritative!

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Aomori - Ragunoo Shin'aomori Station Building Aomori Shunmikan Shop (jp)

Iwate - Ragunoo Fezan Shop (jp)

Akita - Ragunoo Akita Topiko Shop (jp)

Ishinomaki Ragunoo Esuparu Sendai Shop

Kininaru Apple (Apple pie)

【Shop imformation】
Ragueneau Sasaki
036-8035 Hirosaki,
Aomori Prefecture ]momoishi 9

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