So beautiful—!!  This is Edo Kiriko. Edo Kiriko?  Yes! It's a kind of craft to apply cutting techniques on the surface of glasswares! Edo Kiriko is a kind of craft started from the first half of the 19th century, and now we can have a try to make it in this shop!! The shop we visit this time is "THE GLASS FACTORY SOKICHI" next to Asakusa Station. There will be professional craftsmen carefully teach you how to make it, so even beginners can experience it easily♪ Hello! I am the instructor today. Please give me your support and consideration. Now let me explain to you on today's production steps. Step1: Choose a glassware that you like With additional cost, you can even choose one in colored glass. Step2: Practice basic techniques on the glass for practicing Cut along the line drawn with the oil pen. First, have the glass fixed and cut deep, thick lines firmly. Then move the glass back and forth to lengthen the lines. Step3: Decide the pattern on the bottom and start to make it Based on the practices before, choose a pattern that you like or can be completed. Instructor! I want to take the challenge to make this pattern. Then have a try to draw the reference lines with this first. Draw some dots first and then connect them with lines... It's finished! Very good! Then l will start to make it officially!!! It's better than what I did when practicing!! Step4: Decide the pattern on the wall and start to make it At last it is here! The final challenge——making the main pattern!!! On the wall I'd like to try the Shippo pattern... !! ※In addition to traditional patterns, you can also choose the modern style like fireworks, fish, heart and other patterns. It's hard to connect the edges ingeniously… Finished……!!! At the beginning of the practice it was a little terrible, but finally the beginner like me makes a work that even myself is very proud of…! During the 1 hour 30 minutes which felt long but actually quite short, I was super happy! How was it?Did you have fun! Let's come again next time! Next time I would like to be perfect at what I failed today! What do you think about this? Everyone reading the comic this time! If you also come to have an experience, for sure you will enjoy it! The instructions during the experience are available in Japanese and English. Please make an appointment and consult as below!

Appointment form

※According to the schedule, there will be experience available in French instructions in February 2019. Please consult first.

Experience Notes For those with long hair, please tie your hair up.  Please don't forget to wear special glasses for the sake of fine operation. In addition to the experience, there are many glass crafts for sale on site!

Whether it is for your own use or as a gift, you might as well try to make a unique original Edo Kiriko only belongs to yourself?
The finished work can be taken back on the same day!


■Address: 2-1-14,
Kaminarimon, Taito Ward, Tokyo
■Business hours:
Weekdays: 11:00~19:00
Weekends and holidays: 11:00~18:00
■Fixed holidays:
Year-end and New Year holidays
■Nearest station: Asakusa station
Exit 4 (Ginza Line) 30 seconds' walk
Exit A3 (Asakusa Line) 3 minutes' walk
■Experience fee:
Adults: ¥3,240
Under 18: ¥2,700
School students: ¥2,500
Additional for colored glass: ¥0~¥2,522
■ Experience time: 90 minutes

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