JAPAN CULTURE PROJECT Part 3: Washoku Finally published!

Ah! The Japan Culture Project has published new content! Japan Culture Project? What is that? Ah! ? Don't you remember?  That's it! The WEB project publishing Japanese traditional culture! I showed it to you before! Look at this! Just the website introduced the national Shishimai (Lion dance) and Matsuri Festivals in Japan! Ah! I did read that before! So what's new? Here it is! Washoku (Japanese food)! This is a collection of washoku eaten in various annual events and local cuisines from across Japan! Wow-! Wonderful! Washoku is also introduced by manga (comics). Yes, yes! It's fun and easy to understand~ Eh, when moving the mouse to the cuisines in the 5th comic, the icon of the cuisines will pop up~~! click Wow- you can even see the details of the cuisines! Yum yum, this is really healing. You are also getting chubby recently...

Japan Culture Project by Manga Design:
Japan Culture Project by Manga Design is about the Japanese cultural art that roots matsuri festivals, washoku, traditional techniques and fashion in daily life. It is visualized by the Japanese original technique of expression–MANGA DESIGN and published via websites and exhibitions at home and abroad. It is a cultural creative promotion project aimed at promoting public interests in Japanese culture. The project is also being carried out as a talent development project in arts and culture, with the collaboration of industry‐university‐government and the participation of students from the fine arts university as well.

March 2018:
Part 1 "National Shishimai- Spring & Summer",
Part 2 "National Matsuri Festivals" published

February 2019:
Part 3: "Japanese Food: Annual Events",
"Japanese Food: Local Cuisines" and
"National Shishimai- Autumn & Winter" published

Available languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Thai

Japan Culture Project by Manga Design

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