At the cafe / Hey / Hi /  Wow! You look  gorgeous. I went to see  Yayoi Kusama’s  exhibition  last week.So I  wanna wear  polka dots  today. / Who is  “Kusama” ? Some people may not know who Yayoi Kusama is. But if you were to tell them she’s involved with polka dots pumpkin or special collections of LV then they might recall and say “Ah” Kusama was born on 22 March 1929 in Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture. Now, this granny has been called as a goddess of Pop art and Avant-Guard Fashion. The highlight of creation is seeing  everything in “Dots” The truth of that symptom is a type of brain disorder. And the medical is classified as a symptom of   "madman". Kusama started creating art at an  early age. She attended art school in Kyoto. Majored traditional Japanese painting (Nihon Ga).She garde with the old way. Then She turned to study the Avant-Guard art of European and American instead. In 1957, she decided to move to New York. Ultimately her unique style made herstand out and became famous. Her first famous is having polka dots on her naked body. In 1973, She returned to Japan in ill health, where she began writing surrealistic novels and poetry. Her studio is  not far from the hospital in Shinjuku. Kusama is often quoted as saying          "If it were not for art, I would have killed myself a long time ago." Woww! Incredible story.And now I wanna be a part of her art.

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