Do you know the trams in Tokyo?

Yes! "Toden Arakawa Line", the only tram existing in Tokyo, which has been in operation since Meiji 44th (1911), is still galloping full of energy!

↑ "Toden Arakawa Line" is about 12km long which is from the eastern Minowabashi Station to the Waseda Station in the west, the whole journey will take about one hour.

This time I want to introduce to you the five nostalgic attractions along the Toden Arakawa Line!

Firstly, please buy a very cost-effective Toei One-day Pass!
400 yen for adults and 200 yen for children under 15 years old, you can take the tram freely in one day!

When get on board, you just need to tell the driver "I want a Toei One-day Pass.(1日券ください Ichinichi-ken kudasai)"


Kishibojindo is the shrine where worships Kishibojin, a patron saint for eutocia and childrearing.

When get off at Kishibojinmae Station, there are many side-by-side zelkova trees on both sides of road to Kishibojindo, where it will be very pleasant to take a walk, and the surrounding green environment makes people feel like they stay away off the hustle of cities. In November of each year, it is also the place of worship for the Japanese Shichi-Go-San festival.

Is there also the Japanese oldest dagashi-ya in the Kishibojindo?!

The Kamikawaguchi-ya here was established early in the Edo period (1781)!
The cheap and delicious dagashi has been passed down to the present and is popular among children overseas tourists who come to the shrine.

II.Sugamo Jizo-dori Shopping Street

The Sugamo Jizo-dori Shopping Street is known as the “Harajuku of the Grandfather and Grandma”.

There are many old shops and wagashi shops with a history of about 100 years, therefore, it is the biggest charm of this commercial street to enjoy the Edo style in ancient times and enjoy the wagashi.

III. Arakawa-shakomae Station

Tram fans are not to be missed!
There are many faulty trams in the parking lot in front of the Arakawa Garage, so if you want to know the types of trams on the Toden Arakawa Line, please be sure to come here!

the famous trams of "5500 (No. 5501)" and "Senior 7500 (No. 7504)

And, the famous trams of "5500 (No. 5501)" and "Senior 7500 (No. 7504)"that were driven during the heyday of the Toden Arakawa Line are also shown on the Toden Omoide Hiroba next to the garage.

Memorial Diorama

The "Memorial Diorama", indicating the prevailing of capital trams in the 1930s of Showa era, and various items related to the capital trams (the former ticket, station card, photo, etc.) are all displayed in the vehicle.

Because the admission here is free,if you are interested in the trams, please come here to take a look!

IV. Arakawa Yuen

Arakawa Yuen is the only public amusement park in the 23 districts of Tokyo.
It is located in a quiet residential street, and the entrance fee is also unexpectedly cheap!

You can spend a whole day just to visit the 6 areas in the park

For more information, please click here to view the article here!

V. Roses along the Toden Arakawa Line

In the May and October of each year, there will always be a variety of roses in different colors along the way from Arakawa-shakomae Station to the Minowabashi Station.

Since the 60th year of the Showa era, volunteers have planted roses along the 4km line in the Arakawa-ku, in spring and autumn, 140 kinds of 13,000 colourful roses will be in full bloom, which glut the eyes of passengers and passers-by.

What do you think?
If you want to fully experience and appreciate the Japanese amorous feelings of Shitamachi, just take Toden Arakawa Line to start off!

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