"I am in too deep" series Keep in mind! Six opera manners for 2.5-dimensional stage.~part1~

  V. Supporting items

It is usually not allowed to bring supporting items.
There will be live scene for the stage of idols.
Only in such live scene can you use the supporting items such as round fan or supporting lanterns.

"""For different stages, the rules will be changed, so be sure to confirm it on the official HP!""  ""Yes, boss!"""

※ Besides live scene, supporting lanterns must be turned off! In short, from the beginning to the end, supporting lanterns only can be used in live scene.
※ Please note that the round fan or supporting lanterns should not be lifted higher than your shoulders, otherwise the vision of audience behind you might be blocked, and might also touch the person in front of you.
※ Please be careful not to touch the neighbors!
※ Depending on the occasion, the materials of round fan will be limited, so please confirm it on HP!

  VI. Others rules

※ Mobile phone must be OFF
※ Photography is prohibited
※ Eating and drinking are forbidden
※ Don't make noise
※ Don't kick front seat

ーーーーーshow begin

"Ooooo...I understand what they showed"  "You understand!?" Very good? right?"  "Excellent and outstanding"  This is the end...  "I also want to buy some publicity photograph..."  "Me too..."  "I want to enjoy it again..."  "Let's challenge the day ticket-"  "Oh-!"

What do you think?

The above six points are the manners that should be followed minimally ! It is the most important point to not bring trouble to the others!

So please be sure to obey the rules! Although interested in 2.5-dimensional stage, yet don't know the opera manners...so I present this article to you!

Just take this opportunity to enjoy 2.5-dimensional stage.

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