It's relatively easy to get a long vacation in this season. How about traveling in Japan?
Eager to go there but worried about strict etiquettes and manners, and don't know how to do?
If you are too nervous to take the first step on your journey because of this, check out this article!
We listed 6 things to know before traveling in Japan, which can help you feel relax and save money.


Transportation in Japan is highly developed, among which train is very cheap and convenient.
You can go anywhere in Japan conveniently by extensive tram network, but it is really complicated, even in the world.
If you are worried about transferring complicated tram lines, you can choose to take a taxi when traveling with more than 3 friends or going somewhere nears you.
The driver may also help you with your heavy luggage. Here are some manners to follow when using a tram or taxi.

Make Sure You Know the ABC's of Japan Before You Go! - Train Edition -

The ABCs of Things to Know Before Visiting Japan - Taxis


You can see high-tech things with a function called "Washlet" in toilets in Japan.
There are many people getting interested because there are so many voices from overseas expressing their touch.
Please check the way of using a Washlet in combination with the way of using a toilet, and try this addictive experience!

Toilet Rules in Japan

A Japanese Place of Rejuvenation! A Full Breakdown of Japan's High-Tech Toilet Bidets!


One of the things people can't drop wherever they go is a "communication device".
Here are 3 ways to connect to an internet in Japan, along with their advantages and disadvantages!
Find a way that suits you best and communicate comfortably!

Visiting Japan and Need to Know How to Stay Connected?


There are four seasons in Japan and the clothes are different accordingly.
Please refer to the Japanese fashion trends of the time when you want to go there!

What kind of clothes shall we wear from March to May in Japan?

Visiting Japan This Summer? Find Out What to Wear!

What Clothes Are Weather Appropriate for September to November?

What kind of clothes shall we wear from December to February?

Necessary for highly fashionable people! You can be more stylish with a muffler in winter!

How to wear a scarf in style


If you want to experience Japanese culture even when you are sleeping, we recommend “Washitsu (Japanese-style room)”.
You can have a good sleep after spreading the futon over the tatami.
There are several cloths prepared for spreading a futon, and you may be wondering how to use them.
Spread a futon correctly after reading this article and get a wonderful Japanese sleep experience!

Experience a Japanese Futon in a Tatami Room!

In addition, there is also a type of characteristic accommodation in Japan called "capsule hotel".
It's suitable for those people who do not want to spend much money because it's cheaper than regular hotels!

Let’s try staying at full-of-idea Capsule Hotel !


Japan is one of the most earthquake-prone countries, known as "Earthquake Country".
If you don't know how to do if an earthquake happens during your stay, please read this article!
The Japanese are well prepared to deal with earthquakes, so you can also ask them for help.

Earthquakes in Japan -- Precautions and Helpful Information

Just come to Japan with a light heart! We look forward to your visit to Japan!

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