In the last article, I introduced to you a real organic matcha cafe shop called "THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO". If you want to know the specific menu of this store and its unique features, please click to see Part.1!

Real Organic Matcha Cafe Shop - THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO


Can also experience "Matcha Making"?!

Yes, you are right! Only 1,000 yen (tax-inclusive amount of 1080 yen ), you can experience the "matcha making" that is usually hard to learn!

Matcha powder,Kurobo (wagashi made of brown sugar), tea whisk Order of matcha making Pour hot water Quickly stir tea with tea whisk to make it bubbling Quickly stir tea with tea whisk in an "M" shape to eliminate air bubbles After mixing evenly, slightly float the tea whisk and gently stir it in the shape of “の” Finally, stand the tea whisk straightly in the middle and slowly lift it

I had a try...

Ah?! Why?! No bubble at all...?! It may be a bit difficult for beginners At last, the clerk helped us...

The video for clerk's tea making show is as follows↓

I haven't done it well, but the taste of freshly made matcha is really good, it was really a good experience.

Make Authentic Matcha at Home! Recommended Goods of THE MATCHA TOKYO

Illustration by Kororia


■TEL: 050-5435-1201
6-6-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
■Opening hours:
10:00 ~ 20:00 (L.O19:30)
■Fixed rest day: none

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