We have introduced something about the authentic organic matcha cafe named THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO in the previous article.
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Real Organic Matcha Cafe Shop - THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO

And you can also make matcha in this store!
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Experience the Matcha Making! @THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO

This store not only provides readymade matcha food, but also sales many products, so you can make and enjoy matcha at home!

Organic matcha powder   "Single Origin" Recommended for those who want to try matcha making and wagashi making

There're five organic matcha powder products (as shown below) featured in the Single Origin line-up in "THE MATCHA TOKYO".
Each of them has different characteristics of tea leaves. There are various goods sold here, from rare high value ones to those which can be used to make sweets.

Five organic matcha and their characteristics

★ The more the number of stars, the higher the grade
★ The prices are different depending on different grades

Please read the previous article for the method of making matcha!

Experience the Matcha Making! @THE MATCHA TOKYO OMOTESANDO

“THE MATCHA TOKYO  Original Brand” Recommended for those who want to try matcha making and drink matcha easily

If you want to enjoy organic matcha in a simply way, "Original Blend" is the best choice! There are two types, JAPAN PREMIUM and KYOTO UJI. Surely you can make matcha with chasen (the bamboo tea whisk) and then enjoy it, but how can you make iced matcha just by adding water and shaking it!?

↓↓↓The method is shown below↓↓↓

Prepare a container then add some matcha powder Pour some water  SHAKE!  Add some ice SHAKE! Finished

You can watch the official video here!

THE MATCHA TOKYO Official Instagram

In addition to matcha,  you can also buy sencha here!  "Cold Sencha"

In addition to matcha, there is also high quality sencha from Kagoshima! Prepare some cold water and ice, and then you can easily make sencha with a strong scent and enjoy it!

↓↓↓The method is shown below↓↓↓

Prepare a container, then add some tea leaves, water and ice Wait for one hour  By this way, the sencha is done! Other recommended goods! Matcha Latte Stick Collaboration with QUOLOFUNE Jiyugaoka Store Matcha Castella

QUOLOFUNE Jiyugaoka Store: a famous wagashi store in Jiyugaoka.

Matcha Pecan Nuts Chocolate If you want to buy,  please go to these two stores!


■TEL: 050-5435-1201
6-6-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
■Opening hours:
10:00 ~ 20:00 (L.O19:30)
■Fixed rest day: none

Ginza LOFT

1F Cafe & Food Area, 2-4-6 Ginza,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 1040061 Japan
■Opening hours:
■Fixed rest day: none

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Japanese Sado (tea ceremony)

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