Chances are you've heard the term "yamato nadeshiko" or just "nadeshiko" mentioned in regards to anime, manga or games before. But just what type of character does this term refer to?

As a great anime and manga fan myself, allow me to explain!

   First off, what does yamato nadeshiko mean? 

Yamato nadeshiko is a word used to compliment "the pure beauty of Japanese women".

yamatonadeshiko kanji japanese

The term yamato nadeshiko that we use today has been coined in old Japan. In Japanese it is written using a combination of the following characters;

大和 (Yamato)=The word for "Japan" in ancient times.

撫子(Nadeshiko)=The name of a traditionally beloved Japanese mountain flower.

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The definition of beauty!? What kind of women does Yamato Nadeshiko refer to?

   What does a yamato nadeshiko character look like?

yamatonadeshiko illustration anime manga game

The following are some of the common physical features shared by many yamato nadeshiko characters in anime and manga (based on my own biased opinion).

   Black Hair

yamatonadeshiko illustration

First of all; the hair. The hair color of most yamato nadeshiko characters seems to be either black or black with just a small hint of color in it.

A little bit of a glossy shine finishes the perfect Nadeshiko look!

   Long Hair

yamatonadeshiko illustration

Besides most characters having healthy looking black hair, a lot of them wear their hair long.


In most works that feature yamato nadeshiko characters, there is a high chance that they will either be wearing a kimono or have a scene where they put on a kimono and look completely transformed.

In real life however, the term can also be used for women who prefer to wear western style clothes. It is not necessary to always wear a kimono to be considered a yamato nadeshiko.

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color 4 japan

When it comes to colors, these 4 are the most commonly found in the design of yamato nadeshiko characters.

First of all; pink and green. In Japan, these 2 colors are often associated with cherry blossoms and they are traditionally often used in female kimono color schemes.
Secondly; White, which stands for purity and innocence and is perfect to represent the yamato nadeshiko's "clean and neat" side. Lastly; Purple. Since it symbolises class, splendor and sanctity can be considered a natural choice.

   A split personality? What is a yamato nadeshiko's character like?

Not only in 2D, but also in the real world there are 2 specific personality traits that coexist within the yamato nadeshiko.

   A yamato nadeshiko is strong willed.

In Japanese one of the words used to describe strength is "ririshī" (distinguished). It means having one’s actions, expressions and general behavior well moderated and kept in check. It includes having a great mental fortitude, being independent and being not easily shaken when the unexpected happens.

   A yamato nadeshiko is kind.

In old Japan, it was considered that “Men are great.” A yamato nadeshiko has a considerate kindness in her heart that allows her to support the men in her life. She remains gentle no matter what, has a beautiful mastery of language, and is flexible enough to deal with all manner of situations.

Just having one of the two traits mentioned above does not suffice. Only when both traits are present can we speak of a true yamato nadeshiko.

   Extra: The Nadeshiko Japan Soccer Team

soccer female

Going back to the real world for a second, Japan's national women football team nickname "nadeshiko Japan" is derived from yamato nadeshiko.

   In conclusion.

So in the 2D world of anime and manga, the characteristics of a yamato nadeshiko character are;

-Long, black hair.

-Wearing a kimono.

-Pink, green, white and purple colors.

-Personality; Strong willed yet friendly.

Now that you know what to look for, how about trying to look for yamato nadeshiko characters in anime, manga and games or maybe even try making a yamato nadeshiko character of your own?

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beauty matome (in conclusion)

The definition of beauty!? What kind of women does Yamato Nadeshiko refer to?

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